After making a big change in your life, no matter how longed-for, it’s common to suffer regrets. Wincing as the first payment comes due on that shiny new car you love so much, you wonder, “What was I thinking?” Or, as you lie in bed trying to sleep over your new beloved’s snoring, you muse, “Maybe I was better off alone.”

This is what we call a Scorpio moment.  The sign of wealth reminds us that something must die for something new to be born, and that there is a price to be paid for up-leveling your life. A friend discovered this a few years back as she prepared to do a wealth ritual at the Scorpio New Moon. With visions of dollar signs dancing in her head, she laid out the items for the ritual and went to sleep. At the New Moon the next morning, her husband sat down on the bed – and it collapsed! Suddenly they needed to buy a new bed. Not quite the ritual my friend had envisioned – yet a new bed was long overdue. That month, both of their cars as well as their ancient furnace needed major work. “It was like the gremlins came out to stir things up,” she confided. My friend’s intention for a more abundant life required an outflow of cash to upgrade her basic infrastructure. After that, greater wealth began to flow in.

I thought of this story recently when I read about farmer Will Harris, who transitioned his profitable Bluffton, Georgia industrial farm to a glorious organic ecosystem free of chemical fertilizers and antibiotics, with goats, pigs, chickens and cows roaming free. Harris went from being debt free to taking out $7.5 million in loans to build the processing facilities he needed to go green. As he relates in the short film, “One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts,” the operation lost money for several years. These were dark times when Harris feared he might lose the farm that had been in his family for 130 years. But he persevered. Now he says he’s very glad he made the changes, as White Oak Pastures is even more profitable than before – and both the soil and the animals are flourishing with new life.

This year, the Scorpio New Moon (Oct. 30, 10:38 a.m. PDT) coincides with the Celtic New Year – making it a particularly potent time for a fresh start. The Sun and Moon join messenger Mercury in Scorpio, lending depth and power to our thinking and intentions. And, all three trine mystical Neptune in Pisces – intensifying the experience of being “between the worlds,” and making it easier to receive our ancestors’ blessings. Whether it’s wealth, love or health that you seek, this New Moon can help make it happen. This is also a good time to probe beneath the surface of events and plumb life’s deeper meanings so you can regenerate. Trust that your ancestors have your back (as they definitely did for Will Harris!) and will help you through the transition period. Just be sure to ask.

If you need help burying the past so you can freely welcome the new, check out this Scorpio New Moon ritual from my book, Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life. At the bottom of that page, you’ll also find a mini-video showing how to enhance your Wealth Gua to invite in greater abundance.

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