The Horses of Neptune by Walter Crane

March, 2015 marked a turbulent time in my life. I was struggling to find my footing in my business and casting about in vain for the topic of my next book. Plus, the loss of a treasured relationship had me unmoored. Thus began a two-year period of groping my way forward, trying to find my place in the world. This period was punctuated by Pisces eclipses in my eleventh house of goals, friendships and community.

Fast forward to February, 2017: I’ve (mostly) come to terms with the relationship loss, my new book will be out soon, and I’m about to embark on a major “rebranding.” Though I’m proud of my progress, there were points at which I felt I was sinking rather than swimming. Such is the nature of Pisces eclipses.

But eventually you reach a do-or-die point in this process – and that point is now. The mother of all Pisces eclipses sweeps in on Sunday to end the series with a bang. The Pisces New Moon solar eclipse (Feb. 26, 6:58 a.m. PST) is conjunct Neptune (Pisces’ ruling planet), with the South Node and Mercury nearby in Pisces. A major ending is upon us, to clear the way for a new beginning. Look to the house where the eclipse falls in your chart for clues to what this might mean for you. In what area of your life has it become undeniable that there’s no turning back? What is that final leap of faith you need to take to set things right for yourself, others – or the world at large?

Since Pisces rules both dreams and delusions, we need to get real about where we’re at, both individually and collectively. If you’ve been in denial, hoping to be rescued by those in charge, or failing to follow through on your dreams, it’s time to face the truth. Yes, it’s scary to cut your losses and/or stride bravely forward without an apparent safety net (believe me, I know!) but this eclipse demands change. Because it’s the last of a series, it represents the final death knell of something very old that’s been holding all of us back.

Yet in your haste to make a change, take care to not act rashly or in anger. When Mars gangs up with Uranus, as it does on the day of the eclipse, there’s a strong potential for breakthroughs or breakdowns. Jupiter’s opposition to Mars and Uranus ratchets up the tension. Not a good day to travel (especially by water) and arguments could spin out of control. Still, there is a transcendent element afoot that Leah Whitehorse captures in the latest issue of The Mountain Astrologer. She calls this eclipse at nine degrees Pisces a “collective baptism.” Because it evokes the Sabian Symbol of a jockey spurring his horse to victory, she advises that we surrender to the journey and “catch hold of the horse’s mane and ride the wave until we’re brought safely back to land, washed clean and sanctified by the great waters of life.”

No matter what happens around this eclipse, it’s an excellent time to tap into Piscean inspiration. One good way is through scrying, an ancient technique for receiving messages or visualizing what you’d like to create. Check out this Pisces New Moon ritual from my book, Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life.


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