On March 11, 2011, I was flying in to visit friends on the Big Island of Hawaii. As I disembarked, panic was in the air. People were rushing about, yelling into their cell phones. A tsunami alert was in effect – thanks to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. And indeed, severe flooding followed soon after.

Shocking Uranus entered Aries that day for a seven-year stay. The ingress of this unpredictable planet into a new sign often corresponds with a major wake-up call. For better or for worse, it brings change.

Soon Uranus will exit Aries to electrify Taurus (a fixed sign that wants everything to stay the same).  It’s anybody’s guess what this transit might trigger, but it’s safe to say that intense, unexpected events will  follow. Whatever is unsustainable, in your life or the world at large, will be subject to change. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, from 1934 to 1942, coincided with, among other things, the Dust Bowl migration in which over two million people were plunged into poverty when their farms (Taurus) failed due to widespread droughts caused by bad farming practices. The New Deal reforms (Uranus) that followed helped people get back on their feet.

On May 15, Uranus’ entry into Taurus coincides with a Taurus New Moon (4:48 a.m. PDT). Uranus brings winds of change, but the Taurus New Moon helps anchor us. The New Moon at 24 Taurus trines Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, lending fortitude. However, Uranus at the final, highly unstable degree of Aries squares volatile Mars at the final degree of Capricorn – and both planets hold that tense square while changing signs. That makes the period from 4:48 am PDT on May 15th to 12:04 am PDT on May 16th extremely charged.  I wouldn’t want to be traveling on those days – and I don’t recommend that you do, either.

Does that mean we should all hide under the bed sheets for the near future? Of course not. As with all transits, awareness is key. Whether you’re consciously welcoming a breakthrough or unconsciously courting a breakdown, Uranus will oblige. Remember that we desperately need the shake-up which Uranus brings, as our world is greatly out of balance. Even disasters bring important messages as they clear the way to start again.

The next seven years represent a clarion call to heal the Earth and reawaken the Sacred Feminine (Taurus). This process has already begun, but Uranus will hasten it. Expect innovation and overhaul with all Taurean matters such as factory farming, finances and banking, and overpriced, unsustainable housing. Personally, I look forward to the inevitable rise of eco-villages where we can live in community closer to the Earth. I see myself inhabiting an elegant, earthen home, growing organic vegetables, milking goats and collaborating with friends.

What do you see for yourself over the next seven years? What is your highest vision for the world? At the May 15 New Moon, plant a seed of intention for your vision and ask for help to grow it. You might even do this literally in your garden or windowsill. Stay centered in what’s real and unchanging by tapping your inner center of balance. Be with nature as much as possible. Anchor yourself to what endures…so you can handle whatever changes may come.

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