When Time Magazine asked Taylor Swift to pose for the cover as their Person of the Year, her response was, “Can I bring my cat?”

That’s how Swift and Benjamin Button (one of her three cats), ended up on the Dec. 25 cover of Time. It was a unique way for the multiple Grammy-winning singer to celebrate her 34th birthday (on Dec. 13). But this pop megastar is famous for doing unusual things.

The girl who, at 14, convinced her family to move to Nashville so she could become a country music star, has transcended that genre to chart her own course. In the process, she generated more No. 1 albums than any woman in history. This year alone she had three. Her confessional style isn’t for everyone, but she has succeeded brilliantly at validating young women’s feelings by sharing her own struggles and triumphs. And, she has spoken out against sexual abuse and encouraged many people to vote.

As Time put it: “Taylor Swift found a way to transcend borders and be a source of light. No one else on the planet today can move so many people so well. Achieving this feat is something we often chalk up to the alignments of planets and fates, but giving too much credit to the stars ignores her skill and power.”

Swift certainly deserves credit for her hard work, but she was also dealt an extraordinary hand. Born on Dec. 13, 1989 (time unknown), she has five planets in their own signs or exalted, conferring much power and potential. As a free-spirited Sagittarius, the dispositor of her Sun is lucky Jupiter – exalted in Cancer and conjunct her Cancer Moon. It’s possible her Moon is in late Gemini if she was born in the early morning hours – but I doubt it. Why? The Moon in Cancer is like a trusted relative or favorite piece of clothing: It makes us feel comfortable and loved. And that’s how Swift’s legions of fans feel about her. This year, the singer has showcased this exuberant Moon-Jupiter on her record-breaking Eras Tour, which is projected to pull in over $4 billion by the time it ends a year from now. Notably, Swift has insisted on sharing the wealth by donating to food banks (Cancer) everywhere she plays.

Taylor Swift is a prime example of “soft power,” a caring, feminine way of wielding influence. At the upcoming Cancer Full Moon (Dec. 26, 4:33 p.m. PST), her example encourages us to cultivate this quality within ourselves. Emotions are heightened at this lunation, along with the desire to care for others. As the Moon at 4 Cancer opposes the Sun at 4 Capricorn, they both make supportive aspects to Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces. This can bring a feeling of relief – an ease, grace and generosity that’s been lacking at the last few amped-up Martian lunations.

Falling the day after Christmas and coloring the weekend before the holiday, this tender Full Moon magnifies our most precious religious and family traditions, whatever they may be. However, it also happens just as retrograde Mercury in Capricorn squares Neptune. This aspect can trigger a longing for the past, and also mess with practical details. If your meal doesn’t turn out perfectly or someone is late, try to not take it personally. Do your best to honor your connections with others and be forgiving. If your spirits need a boost, crank up some Taylor Swift – or whatever music touches your heart. Though most of us don’t have nearly as many well-placed planets as she does, we can still summon our soft power at this Cancer Full Moon to care for ourselves and others. Or at least be the best cat mom we can possibly be!

4 thoughts on “Cancer Full Moon: Soft Power

  • December 27, 2023 at 6:08 am

    I love this post as it shows the impact the planets have in our life and harnessing the power and softness to be successful & kind.
    I’ve discovered a new piece of my life puzzle that I’d like to discuss with you in a session, especially during this Cancer “family” moon time. Let’s talk.

    • December 27, 2023 at 3:21 pm

      Thanks, Melanie! I’ll be in touch.

  • December 28, 2023 at 9:43 am

    She also clearly has excellent taste in cats!

    • December 28, 2023 at 2:44 pm

      Indeed! Benjamin Button is a magnificent creature, for sure!


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