Astro Alchemy

Astro Alchemy – Potent Medicine for Changing Times

astroAlchemyHave you lost your way? Confused by different options – or the seeming lack of them? Wondering when your star will finally shine? Astro Alchemy can help! The most effective form of alchemy is internal – transforming the leaden elements of the psyche into gold. With the acceleration of time and change on the planet, we’re all being compelled to transition from unsustainable lifestyles, jobs and relationships to those that more closely align with our higher purpose. Simone Butler can help make that happen for you.

By discovering which planetary energies are prominent in your birth chart and which cycles are happening for you now, you gain a broader perspective that provides a sense of meaning and direction. Suddenly you can navigate your way through the fog of conflicting choices. It’s not about predicting the future so much as following the cosmic road map set forth by your soul and interpreted by a gifted astrologer.

Each planet corresponds with a frequency of energy. Saturn, for instance, makes us confront “reality” and grow a new structure to contain the evolving self. In a Uranus cycle, by contrast, everything is up in the air – breakthroughs are likely, but so is chaotic uncertainty. Lucky Jupiter brings an expansive sense that anything is possible. Pluto takes us down into the depths, teaches us how to let go, and births us anew.

Let’s say a transit from one of the outer planets is telling you it’s time to release a relationship that’s no longer serving you. Astro Alchemy says that the love you feel for this person belongs to you now, and must be claimed and integrated to help you move on. Or, perhaps a stressful work environment is starting to affect your health. You may be in the wrong field entirely – or at least the wrong position. Astro Alchemy will help you chart a course out of burnout and onto a path that fulfills your purpose.

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“The reading was so encouraging and confirming. I recognize the necessity for the present difficult (or corrective) growth period…now I can see the reasons more clearly. I feel very much understood and supported, and am ready to make the necessary changes you suggested.” P.R.