These are trying times we live in. Yet you chose to be born exactly when you were, because you have a vital role to play in the evolution of this planet  - and yourself. My role as an astrological guide is to reveal what your soul had in mind by incarnating at this time. Working together, we will discover your purpose and achieve your goals. I’ll interpret your heavenly map to see what’s happening now, what energies will be coming in next, and how you can influence or cooperate with the planetary indicators. Then we will chart a course for your highest and fullest expression!

My consultations are a unique mix of the practical and intuitive, honed over 30 years of practicing the astrological art. Recognizing how your day-to-day self is an expression of  something greater helps you gain a sense of peace and purpose. And, using the specific dates and time periods provided, you’ll be able to plan your life more effectively.

The consultation is done in person here in San Diego or via phone. You bring your questions and I provide illumination by examining your natal chart (the map of the heavens on the day you were born). I won’t tell you exactly what to do, but will help you identify your areas of growth, self-sabotage and “windows of opportunity” in the realms of career, relationship, money, travel, relocation, spirituality and health.

Types of consultations and prices:

Scheduling a Consultation:

All consultations must be scheduled and paid for in advance, either by check, credit card or by using PayPal‘s secure payment system. Please email me with the following info:

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