Driving Backward in a Swamp: 2-22-13
This entry was posted on Friday, February 22nd, 2013 at 12:58 pm.  

driving backward

As I write these words, my cursor keeps jumping around—spasmodically creating its own weird version of this blog and making it annoyingly difficult to proceed. An expensive energy healing machine I ordered two weeks ago still hasn’t arrived, and my imagination went wild last night, wondering if I’d been ripped off. A variety of remedies including a strong antibiotic have not cured my beloved cat Nick’s sinus infection, and now we prepare to return to the vet for more tests.

CAN ANYONE SAY MERCURY RETROGRADE?? This backward turn of the communication planet, which officially begins at 1:41 a.m. (PST) tomorrow but has already been in effect for at least a week, is happening in murky, imaginative Pisces. There Mercury joins the Sun, Mars, Chiron, Neptune and soon, Venus, magnifying our vulnerabilities and fantasies but also bringing deep insight through intuition or dreams.

For the next few weeks you could feel like you’re driving backward in a swamp without a rear view mirror after a few shots of tequila. But as Mellissa Seaman points out in her insightful blog, the emotional muck at the bottom of the pond that’s being stirred up now can be used as fertilizer for creative projects and renewed confidence. Also, I might add, a thorough purge of the house will help with any feelings of stuckness—especially once the Moon moves into tidy Virgo Sunday on its way to becoming full on Monday, the 25th.

Rather than succumbing to fears and frustrations during this retrograde, which lasts through March 17, we can let our imaginations run away with us in positive ways by visualizing the highest outcome to our conundrums, and asking for divine aid. Here’s to our ability to navigate this retrograde with skill, grace and surrender!