What do you do, exactly? Is it just astrology or are you also psychic?

After 30+ years of reading charts, I often get intuitive hits. But I do not consider myself psychic. Prediction is not astrology’s strongest suit – it’s more of a weather forecast that helps you plan, and to understand the energies at play. You can learn more about my approach and background on my bio page.

Do I have to know something about astrology and/or my chart?

No, although many of my clients are students of astrology. I do my best to put things in understandable terms and not burden you with astro-speak – unless you desire that!

Who are your clients? Am I the right fit?

My clients are on a path of personal growth. They’re not looking for something outside themselves to magically fix their lives. They appreciate the meaning and timing that I give them, as well as action tips.  

What does a session look like? What do we work on?

If you’re in San Diego I encourage you to come in person, but phone sessions can be equally effective. Or, sometimes people prefer that I record the reading on my own. In person, we sit down for 75 minutes and talk about whatever concerns you – from career path (including your purpose) to relationship issues to health matters, relocation possibilities and spiritual matters.

Is one session going to be enough?

One session will get you started on the right path and give you a lot to work with. Most people get updates every 6 months or a year. I also offer quarterly sessions at a discount if you’d like to meet more often, as well as shorter readings when something urgent comes up.

Should I read your books before we work together?

That’s always a great idea! Then you’ll have a sense of what I have to offer – from using feng shui with astrology to improve your life or understanding the Moon’s cycles and how they apply to you. I’m big on ritual, and both my books are full of them!  

What do you charge?

Visit my Consultations page for details. You’ll also discover how to schedule a session and what I need from you. Once I get your info, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice to get things started, and we can figure out a time to get together.

Other than a session or package, how can I connect with you?

You can sign up for my mailing list and receive my entertaining, bi-monthly blogs that keep you in the know. Or, you can follow me on Instagram for daily hits of inspiration.

Still need help? Send me a note!

For any other questions, please contact Simone.