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It’s time to reclaim the power of the Goddess! We were all born with this power, though most of us have forgotten how to access it. The place to start is with the Moon. Ancient people worshiped the Moon Goddess, and women were sought after for the healing abilities that came from this worship. Yet most lunar mysteries have been lost in the mists of time.

In Moon Power, I’ve revived these ancient mysteries and explained them in ways you can easily understand and apply. Through reflection, ritual and purposeful action, Moon Power will help you understand your emotional nature and inner self.

Join me on this lunar adventure by ordering your copy of Moon Power now!  As a bonus for pre-ordering the book before its release mid June, you’ll receive a free copy of The Magic of Ritual.  In this free gift to you, learn how to flow with changing currents of energy and illuminating lunar forces to make your dreams come true!

Join Simone for a book signing on July 16, 12-2 pm, at Warwick’s Bookstore!

The Magic of Ritual is available to you as a gift for pre-ordering the book.