Taurus Full Moon: Hidden Treasure



I was shocked when astrologer Barry Goddard blogged just before the election that in his opinion, Trump would win. Yet he went on to say that a Trump presidency might not be as bad as anticipated. Noted the Scottish astrologer, “He may occasion America thinking about itself in a way that the same-old of Hillary would not.” And, he observed that since January’s inauguration chart has an unaspected Sun (reflecting the leader), Trump probably won’t be able to get much done. This wouldn’t be too surprising, as “he has shown an inability to work with members of his own party, let alone the opposition.”

Now that the unthinkable has happened, it seems to me that we’ve got to focus on the bigger picture: Bigotry and hate have risen to the top to be recognized and transformed.

The election occurred a week prior to a Super Moon (the third of four in a row – not the most powerful in our lifetime, as some have claimed, but potent nonetheless).  As the Taurus Moon approaches its opposition to the Sun in Scorpio at the Full Moon (Monday, Nov. 14, 5:52 a.m. PST), things happen in mysterious ways that may not make sense at the time, but ultimately bring blessings.  Jupiter is about to make the first of three squares to Pluto and three oppositions to Uranus through next fall, catalyzing social, economic and political reforms. No matter what we think of him, it seems we need Trump (himself born at a Sagittarius Full Moon) to fan the fires of change.

The Sabian Symbol for the upcoming Taurus Full Moon is: “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.” This image suggests that we’re being offered a gift, even if it comes wrapped in chaos and challenge.

As astrologer Kathy Biehl advises, “Outside of us, there may be massive chaos…but inside, beautiful things are blossoming. Keep your little part of the world as neat and tidy and as happy as you can. And stick with people who share your concept of integrity and how other people should be treated. We are creating the safety net and the new infrastructure that will be in place when other things collapse around us. Recognize fear is out there, don’t feed it and live your own life the best way you can.”

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8 comments on “Taurus Full Moon: Hidden Treasure”

  1. Lisa Ceazan Reply

    Thank you, Simone, for the reassuring overview and larger picture at a time when I am too focused on the microcosm and feeling very upset.

  2. Kat A. Reply

    Thank you, Simone, for this beautiful and empowering message. I am confident the Star of Hope will shine bright the next New Moon. Thanksgiving blessing to you!

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