I feel like I could write a book about how much you have changed my life, not only in a concrete way, but in terms of my thinking, my spirituality, my perspective, my faith…you’ve had an enormous effect, and I’m very thankful. —M.B.

Thank you so much for my reading, it gave me hope!! I feel more energized, inspired, and clear than I have for at least two years, just by hearing your insights and getting closure with this work situation. Whenever I reach out to you, I feel a support and strength to conquer what is in front of me. C.W.

I just wanted to thank you so much! I listed my house for sale the 29th of July as recommended and on Thursday August 1st I got a full price offer! M.M.

A while back I began consciously re-arranging my apartment after being inspired by your book, and have kept up the momentum. The exercises spurred a MAJOR shift and overhaul for me. I have three other books on feng shui, but the simplicity of your approach was the key to getting me unstuck. T.W.

Arranging my home according to the principles of Astro Feng Shui has helped organize my whole life. By enhancing my wealth corner in the New Moon rituals, I have doubled my income this year! —S.S.

Your essays are so uplifting – they cut to the core. Your special insight, humor and feminine grace shine a light of hope and promise to us all. J.L.

The quick report was right on target! I had asked about traveling to South Africa for my birthday in July, and you advised against it due to the solar eclipse, etc. We went in May and had a wonderful time. The whole month of July I suffered with an angry gall bladder. I am so happy I wasn’t in South Africa with this going on. —C.S.

Your reading was so exciting and renewing for me and my marriage. Just hearing your voice brings me peace. K.N.

Your reading was one epiphany after another. I wanted to tell you I have deleted three men from my Facbook page and my life. All three have anger issues and inability to allow me to be the woman I am proud to call ‘me’. I can never thank you enough. —R.B.

You really helped me clarify some big issues. You are amazing – a scholar, scientist, professional consultant and spiritual intuitive guide all wrapped into one. N.L.

You have a wonderful ability to explain astrology in a very down to earth way. I received more understanding from you than I have in the 3 or 4 astrological readings I have had in the past. —C.M.

I feel like I can breathe fully now. I’m not so worried about what’s next. I’m going to get out my calendar right away and write down my power dates for my career and love life, so I’m ready for them. R.O.

Your reading brought me to tears. I have listened to it twice…and find it absolutely amazing! I felt myself sigh with relief after listening to it… I will trust and just move with the energies now with awareness. —J.S.

I found your reading to be so supportive. Even though there are challenges, you showed me how to move through them to resolution. Thank you so much for your amazing skills, talent and compassion. These are such intense times for all of us. Having a gifted astrologer as a guide makes such a difference. G.D.

I can’t understand why more people do not use astrology as a foundation for their Life Plan. Your readings have been my Lighthouse, always showing me the way. I am grateful. —S.S.