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Aries New Moon: Time to Misbehave!

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Are you up for a little healthy risk? Lately I’ve been witnessing friends and family members doing outrageous things in the name of self-discovery. One friend just got back from a two-month South American journey, where she had so much fun that she’s now offering exotic trips for her coaching clients. Another left a stable position and relationship to move cross-country for her dream job. And, a third just bought a house in another state, where she’s moving with or without her long-time partner.

Are these people being selfish? Are they abandoning established careers and relationships to satisfy their impulsive desires? To me, they’re just following their dreams. Perhaps they’re “misbehaving” a bit—but if that’s what it takes to shake up the status quo and bring new vitality into your life, then why not?

According to an article by Rebecca Webber in Psychology Today, misbehavior can be liberating, even necessary. The healthy way to do it, she says, “is to occasionally break rules, norms, or expectations in ways that don’t cause any serious harm. By doing so, we can test out roads not normally taken, and make sure we’re on the path that’s right for us. Misbehavior usually reaffirms our established ways just as it provides a refreshing break from them. But it sometimes reveals an even better direction in which to steer our lives. If we never misbehave, we’ll never know what we’re missing…and it could be something great.”

Misbehavior is written all over the Aries New Moon (Sunday March 30, 11:45 a.m. PDT), which some astrologers are calling the most important New Moon of the year. Fiery Aries wants to strike out on its own—an impulse greatly intensified by rebellious Uranus, go-get-‘em Jupiter and all-or-nothing Pluto making an inflammatory T-square with the Sun and Moon. The ego-driven Sun’s involvement is apt to stir up trouble, especially in combustible regions around the globe. Push could easily come to shove in our personal lives, as well. Yet the urge for freedom can’t be denied—especially in matters related to the house where the New Moon falls. (email me at for a $50 Snapshot reading on what’s being activated for you).

This New Moon offers a preview of the potentially life-changing April 20-23 Grand Cross, in which Mars will retrograde back to oppose Uranus and square the Jupiter-Pluto opposition. Like the Sun, Mars is a fiery, impulsive planet—especially when frustrated by its retrograde passage through peace-loving Libra. By mid-April, bracketed by eclipses on the 15th and 29th (more about that in my next post) the Grand Cross will trigger the results of whatever is now being initiated. Throughout April, emotions will run high—necessitating forethought and careful attention to our words and actions. If you’re truly ready to charge ahead with something, go for it—just be aware that with Mars retrograde through May 19, progress could be slowed.

Most important right now is to get clear on your goals, and recommit to whatever truly makes your heart sing. Check in–this may have changed. If you’ve been conforming to rules or limitations that no longer make sense to you, develop an exit strategy. Dare to be selfish—especially if you always strive to make others happy. If you’re not ready for a big change, find a harmless way to misbehave—stay out late dancing, take a spontaneous vacation. Do whatever it takes to feel more alive and fulfilled.

For helping in pumping up your life force and career at the Aries New Moon, check out this ritual from my book, Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life. You’ll also find a mini-makeover at the bottom of that page showing how I helped one woman transform her porch—and career path.




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