Make a Magical Talisman to Invoke the World Soul

When: Saturday, June 1, 2 – 5 p.m.

Where: Simone’s Mission Hills home

What: A ritual gathering at the embrace of Moon and Venus in Taurus, as both trine Saturn and Pluto. This unusual alignment is very lucky for earthly matters like love, money, and healing – all of which begin with forging a deeper connection to the World Soul, or divine feminine.

Bring: Any small-ish images that speak to you, if you like (I have plenty to choose from as well).

Cost: $35

Please register as soon as possible as space is limited, and will likely fill up quickly since I haven’t had a gathering like this in six months – and the potential for ritual magic is so great on this day! Also, please make sure I have your birth data as I’ll be looking at charts after we walk the backyard labyrinth.

Simone in the Press

Review of Moon Power on Moonkissd

Simone Butler’s sumptuous new book Moon Power quietly arrived on my doorstep as if brought by fairies (our road is closed, and we rarely have the luxury of door to door delivery anymore, so this was exceptional). Many of you know Simone from, where she shares her monthly musings, or perhaps you’ve seen her articles on Astro Feng Shui appear in The Mountain Astrologer and on her website Astroalchemy. I did a little email Q&A with Simone to bring some love to the beloved planet of both she and I — we both happen to be Cancer Sun signs– the Moon.

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2017 Interview with Simone