Virgo Full Moon: Healing Our Waters

Water = feelings. Our rivers and oceans reflect our collective emotional state. Most of us were taught to stuff our feelings and tough things out, but that just leads to physical and emotional toxicity. As this toxic overload within us grows, so does the imperiled state of our rivers and oceans – and the creatures that inhabit them.

For instance, an executive order just removed Clean Water Act protection for nearly two million miles of our nation’s streams. Water Protectors at Standing Rock are still holding vigil to prevent a proposed oil pipeline on sacred land – while a burst pipeline not far away gushes crude oil into a neighboring river. The ruptured (apparently unfixable) Fukushima power plant is still spewing 300 tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific ocean on a daily basis. And, even the deepest part of the ocean floor was recently found to contain a staggering amount of plastic debris.

Scary stuff! But there is reason for hope. The United Nations, for example, has recently declared war on plastic. Their new Clean Seas campaign aims to eliminate major sources of marine plastic and change shopping habits. Also, a clever young Dutch man named Boyan Slat has invented a floating garbage funnel that can potentially remove 7,250,000 tons of plastic waste from the oceans. He has already raised over two million dollars through crowd-funding to test and build the devices, which will be deployed to clean up garbage patches world-wide.

And then there’s Mr. Trash Wheel (see above). A floating solar and hydro-powered trash interceptor cleaning up Baltimore’s polluted waters, this googly-eyed character and his sidekick, Professor Trash Wheel, are geared toward making Baltimore Harbor swimmable and fishable by 2020. Collecting as much as 38,000 pounds of debris in a single day, so far they’ve stopped more than one million pounds of garbage from entering the harbor.

These commendable projects are in the spotlight as we approach Sunday’s Virgo Full Moon (March 12, 7:54 a.m. PST). The Moon in the hard-working, clean-living earth sign of Virgo opposes the Sun and Chiron (wounding, healing) in watery Pisces. And, the Sun and Moon square off with no-nonsense Saturn in far-seeing Sagittarius. This mutable T-square tells us that we’re on a slippery slope, but all is not lost if we keep the faith and do our part.

It’s time to clean up our inner and outer pollution. In the Northern Hemisphere, spring is almost here – do a thorough cleanse of your body and home. Allow yourself to weep, rage and release emotions that have been stuck within you, perhaps for years. Refuse that straw with your drink, use your own bags at the store, kick the bottled water habit, and don’t buy toxic cleaners or  face scrubs with plastic micro-beads in them. Make your voice heard: Tell your representatives how you feel about water pollution. Together, we can make a difference!


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9 comments on “Virgo Full Moon: Healing Our Waters”

    • Simone Reply

      Thank YOU, Shinan dear! My writing has benefited from your coaching over the years. 🙂

  1. Erin Western Reply

    Wow! I just taught about the Pacific Garbage Patch TODAY in my class, and tonight one of the fathers who came to Open House was telling me about the Baltimore project with the plastic eating machines!! You are tuned in, girl! : )

  2. Marguerite Baca Reply

    Your astro readings always give me a broad, optimistic and refreshing perspective, while reminding me about the beauty of learning from the cycles of life.
    Much love and all good things to you Simone.
    Marguerite Baca

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