What is Astro Alchemy?
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“To transform itself in us, the future enters into us
long before it happens.”

astralThe chemists of the Middle Ages sought to transform lead into gold. But a far more interesting (and effective!) alchemy is internal – transforming the baser elements of the psyche into spiritual gold. Astrology shows us how to spark these changes.

Each planet corresponds with a frequency of energy. You know you’re in the vibration of Saturn, for instance, when you’re forced to confront “reality” and grow a new structure to contain your evolving self. In a Uranus cycle, by contrast, everything is up in the air – breakthroughs are likely, but so is chaotic uncertainty. Lucky Jupiter brings an expansive sense: anything is possible. Pluto takes us down into the depths, teaches us how to let go, and births us anew.

Let’s say a transit from Uranus or Pluto is telling you it’s time to release a relationship that has outlasted its usefulness in your life. Alchemy teaches that the love you feel for this person belongs to you now, and must be claimed and integrated to help you move on. By discovering which cycles are happening in your life at a given time, and which planetary energies are prominent in your birth chart, you can utilize the alchemy of astrology to polish yourself like the facets of a precious gem. With astrological guidance, you navigate your way through the fog of conflicting choices. It’s not about predicting the future so much as finding a cosmic road map to follow.

Astrology for the Quantum Age

Astrology describes how energy flows in the quantum, or causal, realm. Understanding subtle movements of energy can help us align with our true purpose. The synthesis of alchemy, astrology, sacred ritual and quantum physics represents the wave of the future. Between now and 2012, the Mayan calendar predicts that humanity will collectively shift into a dimension in which time and space will infinitely expand, and we will know ourselves as conscious co-creators with the Divine (www.mayanmajix.com has details).

By imagining this time in our near future when the gap between the ideal and the “real” will close, we are utilizing an ancient alchemical tool for manifestation. With the current acceleration of time and consciousness on the planet, opportunities abound to shift into higher levels of mastery. Indeed, we must do so in order to cope with rapid changes and help create a more enlightened society.

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