What’s Your Medicine?

Your Opposite Sign as a Stimulus to Growth

WhatsYourMedicineYour opposite sign represents the medicine that makes you whole. Each sign has its natural polarity-an axis that works best when you’re “working” both ends. For example, I’m a Cancer by Sun sign-emotional, domestic, a bit shy. My natural polarity is Capricorn-a sign that’s business-like, practical and grounded. When I hang out with Capricorns, I feel more balanced. They have a lot to teach me about the “outer world,” while I have a direct line to the “inner world” that they find stimulating.

Not that we should rely on our opposites to do everything for us. See them, instead, as beacons of light to lead you in a new direction-even if they sometimes drive you crazy because you don’t understand where they’re coming from. They’re different from you, and that’s the point. Which is why relationships of opposites work best when the individuals are older and more willing to accept these differences as growth-producing instead of just crazy-making.

Here are some suggestions of how you can develop your opposite energy.

Aries: Develop Libra medicine of refinement, social justice, give-and-take in relationships, thoughtfulness, romance, peace, beauty, art, intellectual and creative skills.

Activities: Volunteer for a cause, go to art galleries or take art classes, let others help you.

Taurus: Develop Scorpio medicine of emotional depth and power, commitment, passion, empathy, digging deep to solve problems or discover your desires.

Activities: Try hypnotherapy, do martial arts, assist with a birth or death, study Tantra.

Gemini: Develop Sagittarius medicine of finding a larger purpose or sense of faith, spiritual development, higher education, long distance travel, frankness in speech.

Activities: Set goals, get a Master’s degree, learn a language, teach a class, find a new religion.

Cancer: Develop Capricorn medicine of being comfortable out in the world, patience, embracing a challenge, groundedness, business sense, taking good care of yourself financially.

Activities: Start a business, climb a mountain, master a skill, become your own father.

Leo: Develop Aquarius medicine of cool-headedness, focus on others instead of self, intellectual and computer skills, networking and developing unusual new social circles and friendships.

Activities: Build a website, throw a big party, get involved in politics, study astrology or Tarot.

Virgo: Develop Pisces medicine of compassion, unconditional love, being in the flow, accepting what is, relaxation, spirituality, forgiving the past, musical and artistic skills.

Activities: Join a spiritual group, meditate, swim, learn to dance or sing, make a film.

Libra: Aries medicine of get-up-and-go, assertiveness, decisiveness, passion for life, outspokenness, love for physical sports and fitness, courage to begin again, originality.

Activities: Become a leader, join a gym, speak your truth, spend time alone regularly.

Scorpio: Taurus medicine of directness, earthiness, calmness, ability to take care of self, appreciation for the finer things, financial knowledge or expertise, good sense of humor.

Activities: Plant a garden, make your own money, take a cooking class, get a massage.

Sagittarius: Gemini medicine of detail-orientation, scaling your life down to size, finding inspiration in the everyday world, sisterhood, communication and writing, inventiveness.

Activities: Make a schedule and stick to it, write articles or poetry, join a women’s group.

Capricorn: Cancer medicine of nurturing, homemaking, sweetness, mothering, honoring the past, defending what you love, birthing something new, developing your inner world.

Activities: Build a home, grieve your losses, do yoga, open your heart, mother yourself.

Aquarius: Leo medicine of passion, self-expression, humor, direct involvement in life, warmth and affection, healthy self-love and generosity with no strings attached.

Activities: Play with children, get off the computer, tell jokes, taking an acting class.

Pisces: Virgo medicine of learning to say “no,” working with the earth, health-consciousness, time-management, choosing companions wisely, self-reflection and self-care, facing reality.

Activities: Have a physical or see an acupuncturist, plant an herb garden, keep a journal.