Lately my right knee has gone wonky. Going up and down stairs is painful; even short walks are difficult.

After two weeks of frustration, I finally began asking myself what was really going on. And suddenly I saw it: A part of me is afraid to move forward. I’ve been working with a coach and website developer to up-level my business, stepping outside my comfort zone and mastering some new systems. While I very much want this to happen, certain aspects of me have not been on board with the changes.

Rebellious Nellie, for instance, was outraged that we have to learn more tricky technology. So I started journaling with her and a few other childlike parts of me, making sure they felt heard, acknowledged and loved. Once I gave them a voice, the tension eased and the tasks ahead seemed far less daunting (and hopefully the knee will improve as well).

To reach an important goal, sometimes you have to work with your wounded parts to get them on board. Whether it’s a matter of making more money or finding the love of your life, these primitive inner characters will sabotage you every time unless you bring them into the fold. And it’s especially crucial to do so now.

Why? Because the Uranus-Pluto square is upon us once more. The second-to-the-last pass of the most intense transit of our time peaks this month (before it completes next March). Right in the middle of the holiday season, we’re being asked – yet again – to throw off old shackles and assert our most authentic selves. But with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in adventurous Sagittarius at the Gemini Full Moon (Dec. 6, 4:26 a.m. PST), it’s a good time to step out. And with the Sun and Moon square Chiron, we need to include our wounded aspects. Courageous acts will be rewarded, especially once Saturn strides into the Archer’s sign on Dec. 23 to stabilize our visions over the next two-and-a-half years.

So grab your pen this weekend at the Writer’s Full Moon, and jot down the goals you’re determined to manifest next year. Then consider how certain troublesome inner characters may resist you doing so. Give them a name – and a voice! Ask them why they’re unhappy, and what they need from you. Befriend them. Get on board together, for we have great things to accomplish in the New Year!

Let me know if I can help. Throughout the month of December, first-time readings (normally $195) or annual updates (normally $175) are only $150 for a 75 minute phone session. Email me for details.