rhino man

One man saw a seemingly insurmountable problem, and took creative action to solve it. And soon, 80 imperiled Asian rhinos will begin winging their way across the Indian Ocean to the safety of Australia.

Former sales exec Ray Dearlove has devoted his retirement years to creating a “seed bank” of Asian rhinos, to save the species from poachers who had nearly driven it to extinction. Dearlove’s plan is expensive, but he’s been raising money through his Australian Rhino Project to airlift all 80 animals over the course of four years. The first rhino leaves this summer.

This happy story came to light near the Sagittarius Full Moon (May 21, 2:14 p.m. PDT) – which signifies journeys to faraway places and grand ideas that overcome obstacles. The Sun hops into on-the-move Gemini the day before the Full Moon, just after it joins love goddess Venus, luxuriating in late Taurus. This Full Moon will hopefully bring good news for all of us, along with a sense of relief and enjoyment.

Something else to celebrate: Mercury finally turns direct the day after the Full Moon. This retrograde has been quite stressful for many, compounded by Mars also backward (till June 29) along with several outer planets. However, Mercury turns direct in a resourceful grand earth trine with Jupiter and Pluto. By this weekend we should start to feel some movement on whatever has bogged down in the last month or so. Still, action planet Mars is retrograde for another month, so patiently cultivate your inner warrior rather than rushing into half-baked plans.

For now, it’s time to celebrate recent wins with those we love this weekend – as I’ll be doing at a party for my great-niece, who just graduated from college. Congratulations to Brianna, and all the other recent grads!


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