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Three-month-old Max is as cute as a button, but he’s a handful. My newly acquired kitten scrambles across my head at night, screams like a banshee when denied full run of the house, and screws up my computer settings by sitting on the keyboard. As much as I adore him, I’ve been wondering whether I was wrong to drop this kitty bomb on our peaceful home. But things had gotten stagnant, and we needed some new life. Nora, my six-year-old cat, has been despondent since her brother’s death a year ago. I hoped a kitten would cheer her up. The first week was rough; Nora was so upset that I even considered returning Max to the shelter. But I was determined to create the outcome I wanted – a happy family unit. So I persevered, trying every tactic from having long talks with Nora to diffusing pheromones into the atmosphere. She still hisses when Max tries to play with her, but things are slowly improving.

When the Sun is in Leo, creative solutions abound (especially where felines are concerned!). I recently read that the Chicago warehouse of Empirical Brewing Company had become overrun by rats, which were spoiling the hops. But rather than using harmful pesticides, the company found an old-fashioned solution: They contacted the Tree House Humane Society, which places previously unadoptable feral cats with people in need of rodent control. Soon two felines were on the job, delighting employees and keeping the warehouse rat-free. Word spread, and the waiting list for wild cats is through the roof. Yes, using humane traps to catch the rats would have been an even better solution.  But at least these formerly unwanted cats are getting a new lease on life doing what they do best.

The Leo New Moon is here (Tues. Aug. 2, 1:45 p.m. PDT), and it’s time for a fresh start. Quantum physics tells us that no situation exists independently of the person viewing it. Our attitudes and beliefs shape the reality we see. If you expect to see good things, you get good things – though it may take time for them to manifest, and you might have to keep trying different tactics. Steady Saturn trines this New Moon, reminding us that focusing steadily on a desired outcome will ultimately pay off. It may take until after Saturn turns forward on Aug. 12 for things to crystallize. But no matter what you want to manifest, the ultra-creative Leo New Moon can help. Start with this simple but effective affirmation: “There is a solution to this problem, and I easily find it now.” Make up your mind that the right solution will come, then follow your heart wherever it leads you.

If you need help embracing the joyful, creative Leo energy, check out this ritual from my book, Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life. And, watch the mini-video on that page to learn how to fix up the Creativity sector of your home to maximize the Leo New Moon’s power.


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  • July 30, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    It sounds like this kitten could use a homeopathic remedy. The first one that comes to mind is arnica for trauma of being in a shelter and now your home with a new kitty. Rescue remedy might help too. There is a great book by Dr.
    Pitcairn on remedies for cats and dogs. Also Is available. Ihad a kitty who had a serious bladder infection that nothing could cure. It was gone after one remedy. Through the years it would come back sometimes but a dose of pulsatilla would cure it in 24 hours. If interested I can explain how to give a remedy.
    He has a book that describes the remedies.

    • July 30, 2016 at 2:27 pm

      Hi Cheryl, thanks so much for your suggestions! I’d been giving Rescue Remedy to my older cat, but it never occurred to me to give it to the kitten. Will start right away…and check out the other resources you so kindly provided. Many blessings, Simone


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