In the frigid Arctic lands, survival depends on the bounty of the sea. Inuit hunters worship a capricious sea goddess they call Sedna. Also known as “Big Bad Woman,” this goddess sometimes favors them with fish to eat and other times withholds it. So they try to curry her favor.  Tribal shamans have devised inventive ways to “feed the demon” and keep her happy, such as traveling to the undersea depths to brush Sedna’s tangled hair.

Sedna has a good reason for being capricious, as her legend describes. She’s relevant now because I associate this goddess with the Moon in Pisces. If you know anyone with the Moon in that turbulent, mystical sign, you understand why the fishermen are in awe of Sedna. This goddess has a direct line to the primal depths, the unconscious mind, the seat of all our fears and fantasies.

And we’re about to experience the Mother of all Pisces Moons – a Pisces Full Moon eclipse (Friday Sept. 16, 12:05 p.m. PDT). This eclipse makes quite a splash because it squares action-hero Mars and wounded healer Chiron. Old wounds will be triggered for healing – especially regarding male domination of women. When the Moon (feminine) is eclipsed by the Sun (masculine), honoring your feelings and facing the truth become essential. Regardless of your Moon sign (but especially if you have Pisces Moon) you’re bound to be stirred up. You’re no doubt already feeling this; the energy was launched at the Virgo solar eclipse on Sept. 1. The period between two eclipses is always fraught, but also ripe for change.

How to make the most of this energy? Follow the lead of the Inuit shamans: Feed the demon and make it your ally. The demon, in this case, is anything that’s driving you crazy – from physical pain to financial lack. A friend recently sent me a remarkable video by Tibetan lama Tsultrim Allione on this topic. The process begins 22 minutes in, but I encourage you to listen to the introduction as well. It’s the perfect Pisces Lunar Eclipse ritual! I hope you find it as healing as I did.


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  • September 15, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    This is really cool information though I like it ??lets just brush her hair Feed her fish make her feel good


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