Just when we need her most, Wonder Woman is here to save the day! And it’s no coincidence, cosmically speaking, that the archetype of Diana the Warrior Princess bursts on the scene via a rousing new film near Friday’s Sagittarius Full Moon, just as Jupiter, the Sagittarius ruler, turns forward after four months of retrograde motion. It’s clearly the Archer’s time to shine. And this film helps restore Diana to her former glory in the original 1941 comic as a warrior of truth – her primary goal not to maim or kill, but to practice hitting the target, no matter how many attempts it may take.

Wonder Woman is a classic hero’s journey of self-discovery and the overcoming of obstacles, featuring a spirited yet sheltered character whose idyllic life on an island of Amazons is disrupted when a pilot crash-lands nearby. Learning that World War I is engulfing the planet, the young warrior vows to use her superpowers to fight against injustice and restore peace. Newcomer Gal Gadot brings a frisky spirit and an emotional depth to the film, especially in her interactions with the handsome fighter pilot, played by Chris Pine. The movie addresses issues of female power at this crucial time in history when women are struggling to rise up, express themselves and achieve true freedom – with the fate of the planet itself at stake.

What is demanding your voice – whether in the world or your personal life? The Sagittarius Full Moon (Friday, June 9, 6:10 a.m. PDT) provides an infusion of fresh energy, faith and determination to hit the mark, even if you’ve fallen short before. The Full Moon straddles Saturn, planet of tough decisions and reality checks, which has been slogging through Sagittarius for the past two years. Saturn wants us to take responsibility for our future, to get into integrity with our inner guidance and to take a stand on what matters most. If you’ve been ignoring something you didn’t want to face, this Full Moon may bring a wake-up call. But if you’ve worked hard and persevered, it should help you gain traction – especially with whatever you’ve been working on since Jupiter turned retrograde in early Feb. The giant planet has been backward in Libra – sign of relationships and equality. Jupiter’s direct turn bodes well for new partnerships or improvements in existing ones. Like Diana in Wonder Woman, we can now step forward, supported by others, moving through fears with enthusiasm and vigor.

This short version of a Sagittarius Full Moon ritual from my new book, Moon Power, involves setting up an altar to your inner Warrior Princess, preferably outdoors near a favorite tree. Add a bowl of water to symbolize Diana’s sacred spring, a bow and arrow if you have them, a statue of a hunting dog or forest animal, and a green candle encased in glass. At the Full Moon (or the night before), light the candle and call Diana’s name. Flick some spring water onto your throat, center of communication, and ask Diana to help you speak your truth or reveal the path to achieving a goal. Spend a few moments visualizing the big picture of your life, and watch for any inner wisdom that bubbles up in words or images. Then take action on whatever truth you have received!


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