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We are living through extremely chaotic times. As Thomas Paine said just prior to the American Revolution – another very volatile period – “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Yet great challenges can open the door to positive change, if only we can summon the courage to do what’s required.

Lately I’ve found some inspiring (if fictional) heroes in the Netflix series Away, about the first crewed expedition to Mars. The series was released on Sept. 4, just five days before Mars turned retrograde and came into great prominence in the night sky – and our psyches. Hanging low just above our heads, the glowing Red Planet incites us to anger and outrage, but also to bravery and courage. Of course, I doubt that whoever was in charge of the series knew (or cared) that Mars was on center stage at this time; it’s one of those synchronicities that only the astrologically-inclined can appreciate.

The best part of the series is Hilary Swank (a feisty, heartfelt Leo with a tough Capricorn Moon) in the role of Commander. It’s great fun watching her wield power – but also learning to trust her crewmates, each of whom is a top expert in his or her field. I especially liked Kwesi, the Ghanaian botanist charged with bringing plant life to Mars. By Episode Six, the crew members have been trapped together for over a year, missing home, dealing with one mishap after another and fighting over how to proceed. They’ve just found out that their water generator is seriously compromised, threatening their ability to survive the rest of the three-year journey. Prospects for fixing it look bleak. Kwesi , a man of faith, tells them, “I believe that God intends for us to survive, and the reason I believe that is that he has put the five of us together. We have everything we need right here to figure this out.”

That’s also the message of the upcoming Virgo New Moon (Sept. 17, 4 a.m. PDT). The Sun and Moon will embrace in this practical, efficient earth sign, known for its humbleness, intelligence and desire to be of service. This New Moon reminds us that despite blazing fires and sabers rattling near and far, we can get past our differences and work together to figure things out. We have to – it’s the only way to survive. The New Moon exactly trines Saturn in Capricorn, favoring serious efforts, practical plans and getting real. Yet retrograde Mars also squares Saturn, a challenging aspect that perfects at month’s end. We may face roadblocks or hardships that take time and patience to overcome (those with planets between 24 and 28 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn are liable to be most affected by this.)

The period between the Sept. 17 New Moon and Oct. 1 Full Moon should be a revealing one on many levels. Yet the full story will not be told until after Mars goes direct on Nov. 13. So in the meantime, get your house in order – perhaps literally. The less clutter that surrounds you, the more clear-headed you’ll be. Get your emergency supplies together, just in case. Shine the light of awareness on whatever fear-based coping mechanisms may be holding you back. Amp up your spiritual practices. In a distinctly martial period, when warrior Mars in Aries is kicking and screaming for change, we need our wits about us.

By mid-December, when Jupiter meets Saturn in progressive Aquarius, things should really start to shift. We’ll begin a new 200-year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions in air signs, as we move out of a long earth-sign cycle that’s been extremely fixated on materialism. Things can change fast in air signs, which favor quick thinking and solutions. And Aquarius puts the emphasis on the family of mankind. So have faith – if not in God, then in each other. If you need support, ask for it. If you’re okay, extend support to others. Connect with Mother Earth at this New Moon, and ask for Her help. Whatever part you’re meant to play in these changing times, whether it’s simple or grand, don’t forget that you (and your crew) have everything you need right here to figure this out.

2 thoughts on “Virgo New Moon: Figuring it Out

  • September 15, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    thank you Simone. This is really wonderful information. Gives hope to us humans! And I just ordered your book. I’m excited to read and practice it. Love to you

  • September 16, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    Wow, great essay! Already started decluttering in many ways.


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