In 2015, a 3 ½ pound wallaby (a petite variety of kangaroo) was found by the side of a road in Grafton, New South Wales. He may have been tiny, but this youngster had an instinct for survival. He bravely walked up to a potential rescuer and held out his arms asking to be picked up.

No one knows why Doodlebug (as he was later named) was all alone; perhaps his mother had died, or he may have been abandoned. But luckily Gillian Abbott, a retired worker who cares for orphaned and injured animals, took the joey in. To ease his loneliness, she gave him a teddy bear – which quickly became his best pal. The two would often cuddle in the grass, but the bear also suffered some energetic kicks as Doodlebug developed his powerful hind legs.

Isn’t that often the way with relationships? We get into them for the cuddles, but also end up getting kicked. At least for us humans, love simply isn’t enough to ensure a blessed union. In fact, the current divorce rate for first marriages in the U.S. is around 50%, for second marriages 62% and for third marriages (yikes!) 73%. Clearly, we still have a lot to learn about making wise choices and getting along.

As it happens, that’s the theme of next Wednesday’s Libra Full Moon (April 5, 9:34 p.m. PT.) Happening halfway between two fiery Aries New Moons (March 21 and April 19), this airy lunation wants to ensure that in our quest for personal independence we haven’t forgotten to include others. With sensitive Chiron conjunct the Aries Sun as it’s opposed by the Libra Moon, we could find ourselves in need of a champion, like plucky little Doodlebug did. Take note of who shows up for you now. It may be as simple as opening your arms and accepting the support in whatever form it arrives – or you may need to ask for it. Venus, which disposits the Full Moon, has been consorting with unorthodox Uranus in Taurus since their exact conjunction on March 30. Your “rescuer” may be someone you least expect. Or, something surprising could be revealed in relation to a significant other.

If you’re seeking a soulmate, Arielle Ford notes that it’s essential to look beyond the physical. In a recent Soulmate Secret newsletter, she advises us to aim for shared values, a similar vision for the future, compatibility, chemistry and good communication. Yet so often we settle for less, and live to regret it. Most of us, she says, have had the experience of finding someone who looked like our dream person. So we ignored the red flags, hoping we could change them into our dream partner. And how did that work out? Usually, not very well. Most adults, as Ford reminds us, are fully formed and unlikely to change.

The Libra Full Moon brings relationships into focus in every area of our lives. This includes workmates, intimate and business partners, good friends, animal companions – even opponents. This lunation can also be great for bonding with yourself. But what if you really need some company? Be brave and reach out to someone – you never know what might develop! Or perhaps you just need a teddy to cuddle (or kick). In two weeks we’ll have a volatile total solar eclipse that will punctuate whatever story we’ve been living since mid-March (more on that in my next essay). In the meantime, as the Full Moon lights up the sky, I hope it brings whatever illumination – and support – you may need.

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