Mary Moody Emerson was an original. The eccentric aunt of Ralph Waldo Emerson, she had a great influence on the man often considered to be the greatest thinker of his time. Never married, Aunt Mary stepped in to care for her brother William’s children after he died. She set high intellectual standards for them and demanded original thinking, always encouraging them to do what they were afraid to do.

Mary delighted in taunting death. She slept in a coffin-shaped bed, and wore a death-shroud on a daily basis. She learned to read despite hardscrabble beginnings, and transcended her circumstances through the power of imagination. “Destitution is the muse of her genius,” noted her famous nephew.

Born on Aug. 23, 1774 as the American Revolution was brewing, Mary had a tight square between the Sun in Virgo and freedom-loving Uranus. She championed women’s rights, and was known as the Godmother of Transcendentalism, a faith inspired by personal revelation and love of nature. With an untimed chart, we don’t know her Ascendant – but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Scorpio. At any rate, she had its ruler, Pluto, opposite her Venus in Cancer – which explains her intense convictions around women and family.

We honor Mary Moody Emerson at the Scorpio New Moon (Nov. 13, 1:27 a.m. PT) because she was unafraid of death, strong and determined, and unapologetically true to herself. Headstrong Mars, ruler of this lunation, is super-charged in his own sign, as well as conjunct the Sun and Moon at 20 Scorpio. And, all three bodies oppose combustible Uranus in Taurus. Though we may witness some havoc around this time, such as explosions, wild weather or breakdowns, there is also great potential for breakthroughs with long-standing problems, as Uranus helps us ditch our comfort zones and welcome new possibilities.

The element of surprise is paramount, so be prepared to roll with the punches. Wake-up calls and/or sudden insights could occur in the Taurus or Scorpio areas of your chart – perhaps related to money, ingrained habits or emotional attachments and desires. This is not a new theme for any of us; the Oct. 28 lunar eclipse in Taurus activated this same axis, but at an earlier degree.

As always with Scorpio, sign of deep water, we’re asked to probe the dark, hidden aspects of life and ourselves. This fixed sign brings heightened resourcefulness to solve problems and champion a vision of the future that you can start implementing now. And, you should have access to the stamina to help you stay the course. Just be sure to rest as required, rather than pushing yourself until you drop. Take good care of yourself emotionally as well as physically; Mars energy can sometimes be exhausting. The Nov. 27 Full Moon will also feature the Sun conjunct Mars (in Sagittarius) lending an extra kick to efforts and projects that are happening now, with the additional benefit of being able to see the finish line ahead.

Meanwhile, the upcoming New Moon favors regeneration. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, in particular, may experience an exhilarating sense of relief or feel ready for a fresh start after several years of loss and letting go. For all of us, death and rebirth are apt to be uppermost in our minds and hearts.

A few suggestions for engaging with the Scorpio New Moon:

  • Create a Death Binder containing insurance policies, banking and tax info, wills and trusts, passwords and online info, key phone numbers, and last wishes regarding your death (and provisions for pets).
  • Read a biography of someone who overcame great odds, like Mary Moody Emerson and the Origins of Transcendentalism: A Family History, by Phyllis Cole.
  • Open up those long-neglected closets, clear out the cobwebs and donate unused stuff.
  • Release trapped emotions and trauma by utilizing a powerful system like The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson (be sure to order the updated 2020 version).
  • Binge-watch the irreverent and thought-provoking series Six Feet Under, now on Netflix.
  • Do something special to express your deepest, most original self.

Here’s to a deep and meaningful New Moon for all!

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  • November 9, 2023 at 11:32 am

    Great post, thank you!

    • November 9, 2023 at 2:34 pm

      You’re so welcome, Nina! I hope you are doing well – haven’t heard from you in ages!

  • November 13, 2023 at 3:06 pm

    Excellent post. Very thought provoking, per usual. Thank you, Simone.

    • November 13, 2023 at 8:01 pm

      You’re so welcome, Lisa! Always appreciate hearing from you. Happy New Moon!


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