My role as an astrological guide is to reveal what your soul intended to experience and learn in this lifetime, and what your purpose might be. I’ll interpret your heavenly map to see what’s happening now, what energies will be coming in next, and how you can influence or cooperate with the planetary indicators. Then we will chart a course for your highest and fullest expression.

My consultations are a unique mix of the practical and intuitive, honed over 30 years of practicing the astrological art. And, using the specific dates and time periods I’ll provide you with, you’ll be able to plan your life more effectively and maintain a higher perspective, no matter what’s happening around you.

The consultation is done in person in San Diego over the phone or Zoom, and is recorded. You bring your questions and I provide illumination by examining your natal chart and cycles. I won’t tell you exactly what to do or predict what will happen, but I will help you identify your areas of growth, self-sabotage and windows of opportunity for change.

Types of Consultations
  • The 75-minute Power Consultation: Natal chart interpretation and current cycles. We can look at career and purpose, compare another person’s chart with yours, investigate the underlying causes of any problems, and much more, including your power periods.  $195. (or $300 for a typed-out version instead of recorded).
  • Quarterly Power Consultations. Quarterly consultations keep you in the know and the flow throughout the year. Power Consultations are only $175 each when purchased up-front in a package of four. $700.
  • The 45-minute Power Consultation: A condensed version of the longer consultation, still an amazingly in-depth and enlightening experience. $150.
  • The Snapshot: The Snapshot focuses a laser beam on current issues. This can include optimal dates for marriage, business launch or surgery, or a forecast for the next few months. The Snapshot is typed out and emailed to you as a short report, or can be done as a half hour phone consultation. $95.
  • “Hot Spot” Location Review: Discover your best places in the world for love, money, health, travel, education, and spiritual development. Pinpoint favorable regions for you, as well as those to avoid. $195.
  • Astro Feng Shui Consultations. Harness the power of feng shui to clear your home’s energies and improve your health, career, family and love life. Done in-person here in San Diego or via pictures you send me of your house. Includes special “cures” and New Moon rituals to align you with the cosmic forces. $250.

Scheduling a Consultation

All consultations need to be scheduled and paid for in advance using PayPal’s secure payment system, via Venmo or by check. You must notify me within 24 hours if you need to postpone or cancel, or you will be charged for the session. After filling out the form below you will be redirected to a payment page.

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