You’ve just lost a beloved pet, and your heart is breaking. From deep within you arises an urge to do something. Perhaps you place her picture in a beautiful frame next to a vase of fresh flowers and shed some tears as you bid her farewell. Taking this action gives you a sense of connection to something greater, and helps you initiate the difficult
process of release.

Ritual is innate in human beings. Our ancestors marked a passing or initiated a new beginning—or simply blessed their food before eating—to honor their connection to nature. When ancient people coaxed the Sun to rise each morning or called down the Full Moon’s power, they were maintaining a tradition dating back to the dawn of time. They sensed that their heartfelt words and deeds contributed to the well-being of the world—and to themselves.

In this modern age, we’ve become disconnected from the mystical link to creation that was so basic to the ancients. We believe, as science tells us, that we are separate from the world. But if you’ve ever welcomed the rising Sun or bathed in the Full Moon’s glow, you know differently. You can download a PDF of  The Magic of Ritual for free.