Capricorn Full Moon: Hold Your Center

A South American tribe had embarked on a long journey. After walking for a few days, they made camp and paused for another couple of days before moving on. When asked why they did this, one of them replied, “We need to stop and rest so that our souls can catch up with our bodies.”

This story, recounted by Wayne Muller in his book Sabbath, reminds me of something Joseph Campbell said in the first episode of The Power of Myth (now on Netflix).…

Sagittarius New Moon:  Changing Perceptions

From fake news, inflammatory tweets and breathtaking roll-backs on vital policies to devastating floods, earthquakes and fires, at first glance it might seem that 2017 was a bust. Yet consider how far we’ve come:

  • After years of pressure by environmentalists, the World Bank  just announced it will cease all investments in oil and gas exploration over the next two years.