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What is AstroAlchemy?

The chemists of the Middle Ages sought to transform lead into gold. But a far more interesting (and effective!) alchemy is internal - transforming the baser elements of the psyche into spiritual gold. Astrology shows us how ... Read more

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Lunar Eclipse and Grand Cross: 4-11-14

thumbMuch has been made of the Grand Cross of the 20th-23rd when Jupiter and Mars square off with Uranus and Pluto. This configuration reminds us that we all have a cross to bear. The question is: are we bearing it with grace or resentment? When Jesus bore his cross to Golgotha en route to being crucified, he had to walk through a gauntlet of people mocking, cursing and spitting on him. Bearing the cross, for Jesus, meant keeping the faith even as he was being disparaged. Bearing the cross can also mean taking responsibility for yourself and the consequences of your actions, without complaining or making excuses. This month, for all of us, it means having the courage to walk through challenges and out the other side. ... Read more

Theme for This Month

Aries New Moon: Time to Misbehave!

thumbMisbehavior is written all over the Aries New Moon (Sunday March 30, 11:45 a.m. PDT), which some astrologers are calling the most important New Moon of the year. Fiery Aries wants to strike out on its own—an impulse greatly intensified by rebellious Uranus, go-get-‘em Jupiter and all-or-nothing Pluto making an inflammatory T-square with the Sun and Moon. The ego-driven Sun’s involvement is apt to stir up trouble, especially in combustible regions around the globe. Push could easily come to shove in our personal lives, as well. Yet the urge for freedom can’t be denied—especially in matters related to the house where the New Moon falls. ... Read more

Featured Articles

Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home

thumbFeng Shui is the art of placement – purposefully arranging one’s environment to produce beneficial results. The traditional Chinese system uses Chinese astrology and compass directions to determine optimal placements. Western Feng Shui emphasizes the Bagua, an octagonal map that correlates with one’s living space. The nine basic guas, or aspects of life – Career, Knowledge, Family, Prosperity, Fame, Love, Creativity, Helpful People, and Health – fall into different parts of the home. ... Read more

Natural Building Pioneers

thumbBuilding the house was a stressful process that tested their marriage, Wanda admits. But the result of the couple’s persistence is a home that feels like a temple.”It has a wonderful energy, different from a normal house,” explains Wanda, an outgoing woman in her 50s. “It’s very quiet and serene. It feels soft, because sound is muffled.” ... Read more