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Aries New Moon: The Fighting Spirit

Think about the last few weeks (Venus turned retrograde in early March; it goes direct mid-April). Has your frustration with someone or something gotten so extreme that you’ve been having dark – even devious – thoughts? Have you lashed out in anger, or been the recipient of heated words? If so, it’s the handiwork of Venus in Aries – who’s not that comfortable in Mars’ impulsive sign, and can sometimes react blindly when feeling restrained.

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A Magic Carpet Ride at the Aries New Moon

Do you remember the magic carpet ride of Disney’s Aladdin? Flying high over Agrabah, Aladdin and the Sultan’s beautiful daughter Jasmine begin to sense the magical bond between them (i.e. Aladdin is in touch with his feminine, intuitive side). The carpet leads Aladdin and his trusty monkey (his wits and primal instincts) into a cave full of riches, and ultimately helps him win Jasmine’s heart. Since we recently entered the Year of the Monkey, let’s allow Aladdin to be our guide to an ingenious and enriching month ahead. Even if it may be a bit of a wild ride!

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