Read the forecast for your Sun sign, and if you know what house 28-29 degrees Leo falls in for you, read that as well.

LEO/1st house: You could experience a radical shift in self-image, your relationship to your body or how you present yourself. Does your appearance express your essence? Take charge of your life, be bold, express your heart. Do: Strengthen your inner warrior, do martial arts, pump iron. Ask: How can I reinvent myself to become more aligned with my passions?

CANCER/2ND house: What you own and how you make a living may be up for big change. Are they aligned with who you are now? Learn to love your body, see it as beautiful. Clarify your values and priorities. Do: Take a cooking class, commit to making healthy recipes, invest in what makes you happy. Ask: What can I sell or give away to free up space and energy?

GEMINI/3RD house: Your communication style and way of thinking are called into question. There may be a radical shift in what’s familiar. Are your daily habits supporting the lifestyle you want to create? Be mindful of your thoughts and the reality they’re creating. Words have power. Do: Study a new subject or language, keep a journal. Ask: Am I asking for what I need?

TAURUS/4TH house: Your family, home, culture and past are up for you now. How have you allowed your family or culture to define who you are? It may be time to get in touch with your inner child and become a warm, nurturing mother to yourself. Do: Relocate, redecorate or declutter. Ask: How is the past still controlling me? What family patterns do I need to break?

ARIES/5th house: Time to look at what gives you pleasure and fun. Do you have enough pleasure in your life? Make time to do things that were fun for you as a child. Express your truth in a heartfelt way. Become more creative. Do: Make a vision board, sign up for an art class. Ask: Am I using entertainment as a drug to avoid my calling? Am I making enough time for my kids?

PISCES/6th house: Your duties, health, service and work are being called into question. You need a radical shift in self-care. Time to work on your weaknesses and chronic issues. Ask: Do I work too hard or find my work unsatisfying? Am I able to set boundaries and say No? Am I making a difference in the world? Do: Exercise more, eat better. Clean up your home and life.

AQUARIUS/7th house: Your significant others are in the spotlight. Are you in a satisfying, equal relationship? If not, you may be ready for one. Become your ideal partner. Renegotiate outgrown roles. Do: Take a partner dance class, see a marital counselor, take Arielle Ford’s Art of Love training. Ask: Do I finally need to release a relationship, current or former?

CAPRICORN/8th house: Shared resources and power are up for you now. Is there a power struggle in your partnership, perhaps around money or sex? Time for a radical shift with that. Face your fears, be willing to let go. Make friends with your shadow. Do: Sell property, distribute funds and belongings, create a will, do art or shamanic therapy. Ask: Am I really willing to change?

SAGITTARIUS/9th house: Your spiritual life, higher mind and sense of adventure are being activated. Are you willing to move out of your comfort zone to understand those of other beliefs or cultures? Do: Question all your assumptions. Go on a vision quest, trip or spiritual pilgrimage. Find a church you resonate with. Ask: Are my beliefs or philosophies rigid or outdated?

SCORPIO/10th house: Your reputation and calling in life are in the spotlight. Is there something preventing you from pursuing your life’s passion? Do you need to change your career or make a bigger difference? It’s time to take your work to the next level or move on to something new. Do: Become your own authority, aim for mastery. Ask: Can I wield power in wise, heartfelt ways?

LIBRA/11th house: Friends, allies, communities and aspirations are up for review. Do your friends and associations support or limit you? It’s time to seek out new communities who share your ideals. Do: Choose a cause and work toward it. Awaken to social activism. Become a force in your community. Ask: Am I willing to pursue my dreams, and to ask for the help I need?

VIRGO/12th house: What’s been shadowy or hidden in your unconscious is coming into view. Are you paying attention to your nightly dreams, intuitive promptings and inner guides? Do: Explore your inner universe. Rest and rejuvenate. Meditate, dance, prioritize your spiritual practice. Ask: Am I in denial? Is my negative self-talk or sense of despair imprisoning me?

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