Some people are born knowing who they are. They shoot straight out of the womb and onto a fast track to fulfilling their desires, never looking back. I’m sure you know someone like this – it may even be you.

But most of us, myself included, take a more meandering path to finding and expressing our true selves. We fall flat on our faces many times before finally getting on track, and even then we may question whether what we’re doing or who we’re with aligns with our highest purpose. Though the soul-searching can be agonizing at times, at least won’t go to our graves – unlike some people we know – without striving to differentiate ourselves from the roles we play and the duties we perform.

Part of the problem is that only in recent years has individuation become prized or even possible for most. Now, thanks to technology, we take ‘selfies’ and star in our very own show on Facebook – but we also make unique contributions that would never have been possible a few hundred years ago. Unlike some cultures where people still think of themselves more collectively, we have the blessing (or curse!) of discovering who we are, separate from others.

Next Tuesday’s Leo Full Moon (Feb. 3, 3:08 pm PST) spotlights the individual (Leo) in relation to the group (Aquarius). Where do you stand on this continuum? Are you shining your light and giving your true gifts? Or are you projecting a false self out of insecurity or trying to fit in? We are all sparks of the Divine, with something unique to express. As we approach this Full Moon, do something creative or even eccentric. Express your true self—and have some  fun in the process!

If you need help finding and expressing your true self, contact me for a Power Consultation. And if you’re in the San Diego area, please join me Wed. Feb. 11 at the North County Women in Networking luncheon, where I’ll be speaking on the topic of “Your Home is the Key to Your Success.” You’ll learn how to attract more Helpful People into your life by working that sector of the home, and much more. See you there!

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    Perfect Simone! Brava!


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