After Thursday’s tragic incident in Nice, it would be easy to fall into despair – yet again – over the state of the world. Instead of hand-wringing over what I cannot control, however, I’ve decided to say prayers for the victims and try to enjoy my summer anyway. My current guilty pleasure involves watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix almost every night. What is so compelling about this series that it’s become the longest running scripted prime time show currently airing on ABC? I think it’s because, like creator Shonda Rhimes’ other hits Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, the show features kick-ass women with intense yet believable lives.

Grey’s Anatomy takes us inside an urban hospital, where overworked doctors are trying desperately to balance their personal and professional lives. Yes there are hot men, but what keeps me watching is the show’s deep dive into the complex personal lives of its characters as they wound and heal each other – and occasionally even find redemption. Particularly compelling are surgeons and best friends Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey. Cristina is indeed the driven yang to Meredith’s soft-focused yin. Yet despite their differences, they’ve always got each other’s backs – and when things get so bad they can’t take it anymore, they get together and dance it out.

The approaching Full Moon in yang Capricorn opposes the Sun in yin Cancer (Tues. July 19, 3:57 p.m. PDT). Tensions build as we attempt to balance our inner and outer lives. Toughing it out will not help. Have a good cry and share your feelings, while also celebrating your hard work. If all else fails, be like Cristina and Meredith and just dance it out!

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