Life has been quite a roller coaster ride since last August’s total solar eclipse in Leo. Like it or not, we’re being revolutionized. This crazy energy reached a peak at the Feb. 15 solar eclipse in Aquarius, which coincided with a horrific school shooting that galvanized a generation to rise up for change (check out my friend Melissa LaFara’s insightful astrological look at these remarkable young people). And although these eclipses have lit the fire, rest assured that the revolution has only begun.

The March 1 Virgo Full Moon (4:51 p.m. PST) offers a chance for grounding, healing and completion before the Sun charges in to warrior Aries on March 20 and the astrological New Year begins.  Thursday’s Full Moon illuminates the healing sign of Virgo as it opposes the Sun in compassionate Pisces.  This occurs during the Sun’s annual conjunction with dreamy Neptune. If you have Sun or Moon in Virgo or Pisces, this is apt to be an important Full Moon for you (if you don’t know your Moon sign, you can look it up here). There will be four planets in mystical Pisces at this Full Moon. This is certainly romantic and creative, but confusion and depletion are also possible. Be sure to listen for messages from Spirit, perhaps coming through dreams or spiritual sources. The earthy Virgo Moon urges caution and discernment. If a starry-eyed dream beckons, it’s wise to do some introspection before leaping in.

The ancient Goddess Vesta is associated with the sign of Virgo. It’s powerful to propitiate this Roman Goddess of the hearth when the Moon is full in her sign. Vesta is a self-contained Goddess who stands for healing, warmth, nourishment and inspiration.  She sustained the Roman people for hundreds of years, and her perpetual flame was kept alight by her priestesses, the Vestal Virgins, until the fourth century C.E. The Vestals’ virginity was more about sovereignty than chastity; in fact, they were said to unite with male worshipers of the Goddess to restore them to wholeness. The Vestals were also known for their expertise with herbs, and their healing abilities were legendary.

If you need healing on any level – physical, emotional or spiritual – light a candle to Vesta at this Full Moon. (You can find more about Vesta along with a full-length ritual in my book, Moon Power: Lunar Rituals for Connecting with Your Inner Goddess). Or, here’s a simple way to honor purity-loving Virgo at the Full Moon. Commit to cleaning one room (or part of your garden) that desperately needs it. In Astro Feng Shui, Virgo corresponds with the Health gua at the center of your house. Or just choose whatever area is crying out most for your loving attention.

Do this ritual anytime near the Full Moon. Begin by lighting a green or gold candle and calling Vesta’s name. Ask for specific healing for yourself or others. Then get to work clearing and cleaning your target area (just be sure you’re not using toxic cleansers). As you work, feel stagnant energies lifting and fresh new life force coming in. Play uplifting music if you like. When you’re done, prepare yourself a nice cup of tea and survey the results with satisfaction. You might like to light some incense to bless the room. Then thank Vesta for your healing, and blow out the candle.

For the next two weeks, I’m offering a special so you can find out what part of your life is being revolutionized. My Snapshot reading (reg. $95) is now just $47! But only 15 are available, so email to set yours up right away. I’ll need your birth date, time (if you know it) and place, along with a couple of paragraphs about you and whatever’s up right now. (Note:  I’m not able to do relationship comparisons in this short format.) The report will be typed out and emailed to you in a timely manner once your info and payment are received.

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2 thoughts on “Virgo Full Moon: Back to Earth

  • March 1, 2018 at 3:53 am

    like the special reading
    you did one for me about 2 1/2 years ago and you were righter than I wish.
    Doylestown, Pa about 4 n the afternoon Sept 13 1946

    • March 1, 2018 at 4:00 am

      Righter than you wished, eh? I won’t even ask what you mean by that, Susan! I reached my quota on the specials this time within two hours of posting the essay. But you can always order a Snapshot for $95 whenever you have burning questions. 🙂


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