Plato’s theory of the soul-mate or “split-apart” asserts that initially we humans had four legs, four arms, and a single head with two faces. But at some point, said the Greek philosopher, we started to become as strong as gods – so Zeus split us into halves to punish us for our strength and pride. Since then, so the story goes, we’ve been wandering alone, seeking that one person who carries the rest of our soul.

Allegorical or not, this myth has caused deep heartache for a very long time. What if we never meet our soul-mate? Or what if we do, but cruel fate prevents us from uniting? And how do we know if the person we’re with is our soul-mate? I know a few couples who have been blessed with a soul-mate relationship, but I’m sure they will attest that the relationship isn’t perfect; it still takes work.

Sometimes, a soul-mate comes in a form we might not recognize – a pet, a parent, a kind stranger. Recently, Georgia-based minister Jerome Jones was feeling bereft. He’d lost his faith – until one day a fateful balloon floated down from the heavens and landed in his lap. The attached note was from 18-year-old Mykehia Curry, who was about to move into her nursing college dorm room without even a blanket. “Dear God, please help me get EVERYTHING I need before Wednesday,” she wrote.

Despite having only $125 in the bank, Jones felt called to spend it all on a mini-fridge and a comforter for Mykehia. And in so doing, he rediscovered his purpose. Then, a news story on the incident prompted a GoFundMe campaign that raised over $16,000 to help cover Mykehia’s student loans. The grateful young woman said the pastor’s act of kindness encouraged her to keep going—and to have faith.

Were the pastor and the student soul-mates? I believe they were, on some level. At the very least, their lives overlapped in a profound and beautiful way that benefited both of them (I’d love to see the cross-connections between their charts!).

At the upcoming Libra New Moon (Oct. 8, 8:47 p.m. PDT) it’s time to expand our definition of a soul-mate. This New Moon in the sign of the scales highlights both relationships and justice. And certainly, recent events have brought women’s issues into a glaring spotlight. The long-standing imbalance between the sexes is finally starting to shift (albeit painfully and with much resistance) as marginalized folks find the courage to speak out about abuse and reclaim power. Also, gender identity has become more fluid in recent years as expressions of male and female undergo a shape-shifting process. Could it be that the split-aparts are reuniting – within ourselves?

The New Moon chart mirrors a deeply transformational, though perhaps uncomfortable, process. As the Sun and Moon join in Libra, they square hard-nosed Pluto in traditional Capricorn. Relationships enter a crucible of change, sounding a death knell for patriarchal oppression (yes, this is happening – no matter how it may appear at present!). Also, Venus, the Libra ruler, is about to turn retrograde (Oct. 5 – Nov. 16) in the intense, Pluto-ruled sign of Scorpio. As she ventures into the underworld, Venus as the Dark Goddess of death and rebirth (and bringer of justice when she retrogrades back into Libra throughout Nov.) makes a provocative square to Mars. A “battle of the sexes” is upon us. While many women (Venus in Scorpio) dive deeply into old pain as a necessary catharsis, some men (Mars in Aquarius) will be prone to fall back on outdated beliefs as they detach from their feelings.

Despite any drama in our public or personal lives, let’s not forget that Libra’s most profound desire is to reach across the great divide. Through finding common ground with others, we can bridge our differences and achieve greater understanding. The New Moon trines Neptune, reminding us that forgiveness is the salve to mend old wounds. Lay aside your grievances – for yourself or others – and pull together to address humanitarian issues that affect us all. Allow yourself to slow down and explore your feelings during Venus’ forty days in the wilderness. Go on a sabbatical and reassess key relationships. Consider how your life has changed since the fall of 2010 – the last time Venus was retrograde in Scorpio – and watch for similar themes now. Take your soul-mates wherever you find them. Even if they’re currently bringing you grief, the end result will be wholeness if you face and honor your deepest feelings.

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5 thoughts on “Libra New Moon: Busting the Soul-Mate Myth

    • October 5, 2018 at 5:03 pm

      Thanks Linda! And happy Venus Rx/New Moon!

  • October 16, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    So, in 2010 Venus decent I was in a period where I was a newly wed and from memory, life was pretty good on the surface. I had actually married an abuser who got worse and worse over the years and he was living a complete double life. A ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to encounter one of these you will understand. In September 2017, I finally left him. It’s been a year of ego death for me. Excruciating but necessary for my own personal growth. This week I found out he is having a baby with his new partner which I think is the last twist of the knife that helps me to move on from this phase of my life. As we’ve now been separated one year I can get the divorce sorted out. Any tips or advice?

    • October 16, 2018 at 8:23 pm

      That certainly does sound like an underworld journey, Kim! This Venus retrograde would be a good time to do a banishing ritual, especially during the waning moon (after the full moon of the 24th). Perhaps dig a hole and bury something symbolic of the relationship and everything related to it. Dorothy Morrison has some good rituals in her book, Everyday Moon Magic. Good luck to you!

      • October 18, 2018 at 10:45 am

        Thank you, that is such a great idea!


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