One stormy day, a distraught man walked far out onto a jetty, as high waves crashed around him. In deep despair, he thought how all he had to do was take one step forward, and his troubles would be over. At that moment, relates Sophy Burnham in A Book of Angels, an enormous wave plucked him off his feet and sucked him out to sea. He was held down, drowning under tons of water.  But then he felt the weight recede, and something solid materialized under him. The wave had brought him back to the jetty! He lay on his stomach clutching the rocks, and crawled back to shore.

Who or what was behind such an occurrence? Whether it was God, chance, a guardian angel or some powerful aspect of the man’s own nature, he took it as a sign. Some dimension of reality demanded to know: Do you really want to end it all? He realized he’d been given a second chance at life.

Events like this suggest that the cosmos has consciousness. Recently, physicist Gregory Matloff proposed that humans could be like the rest of the universe, in substance and in spirit. That a “proto-consciousness field” might extend throughout all space – making the entire cosmos self-aware.

Scientists are a bit late to the party on this, of course. German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer made this statement about the universe over a century ago: “It is a vast dream, dreamed by a single being; but in such a way that all the dream characters dream too. Hence, everything interlocks and harmonizes with everything else.” Carl Jung’s theories of synchronicity and the collective unconscious strike a similar chord. Long before Jung’s time, however, mystical teachings like the Tao postulated that a vast conscious energy, or being, sits at a still center point of the cosmos holding everything in balance. Some eastern cultures even imagined this energy as a divine couple, ecstatically making love to power the universe.

If this is true, then the planets, too, are conscious beings. Which brings us to the Pisces New Moon (March 6, 8:03 a.m. PST). It’s an extraordinarily Neptunian New Moon. Not only are the Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, but they’re all squared by Jupiter (another of the Pisces rulers). And, Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces just before the New Moon, at the critical 29th degree. This intensifies the mystery, magic and connection with divine forces – perhaps like getting swept away by a giant wave.

Which poses the question: Will you let this energy carry you out to sea, never to be seen again? Or will you surf the wave consciously, and return from your watery adventure cleansed, healed and invigorated? Thankfully, three earthy planets – Mars in Taurus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn – sextile the Sun, Moon and Neptune at the New Moon. This creates a safe container, so we’re held in an earthy embrace that can keep us from drowning in delusion or despair.

The morning after the New Moon, Uranus leaps into Taurus, where he breaks up frozen ground so we can plant and harvest new crops through mid-2026. Uranus first entered Taurus last May through October, before retrograding back into Aries for four months. So look to May to see what began then. Uranus is the sky god and Taurus is the mother earth. They are mating now, with the intention of elevating our consciousness, shaking up the status quo, bringing inventive ideas into form and returning us to a more natural rhythm of life.

This New Moon with the Mercury station Rx and Uranus shift will put you in touch with your mystical right brain, for better or worse. Try to use the energy as consciously as possible – perhaps by propitiating Neptune. On March 5 or 6, create a magical altar to the sea god.  Gather up shells, pictures of mermaids or Lord Neptune himself, and a jar of seawater if you’re near the ocean (or salted water if you’re not). Use an altar cloth in aqua tones, maybe with iridescent accents. Put on some otherworldly music and chant or hum along with it. Anoint yourself with saltwater, then call on Neptune. Ask him to open your heart, cleanse your spirit and bring magic into your life. It’s time to heal and re-enchant our world. May Neptune bless us all – and may we be receptive to his gifts!

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  • March 3, 2019 at 11:29 pm

    I’ve been feeling very weepy today. Is this a Neptunian thing?


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