“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” observed the Roman philosopher Seneca. And certainly, doing your due diligence and being observant can lead to good fortune. But how do you explain a stroke of luck like the one that happened recently to a client of mine? This woman had been invited to a fabulous $1000 a plate fundraising gala. Since she got in free, she threw caution to the wind and spent $250 on three raffle tickets for the grand prize – a $50,000 cruise to seven exotic countries. And as luck would have it, she won! What she calls the “best holiday I’ve ever had” even included first class airfare, a penthouse suite and her own personal butler.

My client has a prominent Jupiter – it’s in her first house in Taurus, a money sign, and rules her eighth house of other peoples’ money. On the night she won the prize, transiting Sun and Jupiter were conjunct in her eighth house, trine the Moon in the fifth house of pleasure and gambling! Jupiter, the greater benefic, is nearly always involved in such occurrences. It helps to have a chart that’s predisposed to luck. But being a winner also takes the willingness to bet on oneself. If she hadn’t bought those raffle tickets, my client would never have experienced the trip of a lifetime.

Whether carefully cultivated or seemingly random, good luck is in the air. Mercury finally turns direct on Wednesday the 20th, though it will still need a week or so to really get moving again. Then, the Sun dashes into fiery Sagittarius (a Jupiter-ruled sign) on Friday Nov. 22nd, where it meets up with Venus two days later. When two benefics embrace, especially in growth-oriented Sagittarius, they’re likely to bring positive developments in whatever part of your chart is being activated.

The Sagittarius New Moon (Nov. 26, 7:05 a.m. PST) is prepared to bring even more growth and good luck to that area of your life (if it’s in your fifth or eighth house, it wouldn’t hurt to buy a lottery ticket on the 24th and/or 26th). This New Moon bestows the ability to move forward and lift spirits after what has been a difficult autumn for many. It coincides with Jupiter’s last hurrah in its own sign of Sagittarius before the big guy moves into Capricorn on December 2, which gives it even more positive impact.

Since the New Moon happens during Thanksgiving week, it reminds us that being grateful for our blessings is one of the best ways to attract good luck. Another way is to be outgoing and chat folks up wherever you go. This Jupiterian trait can be cultivated, just like looking on the bright side. Other studies have shown that lucky people create and take advantage of chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by heeding their intuition, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.

What kind of luck will all this Sagittarius action bring for you?

In my next Simone Sez show and forecasts, which I’ll be posting this Sunday the 17th, I’ll be looking at which house is activated for each sign and what it might mean for you. Join my tribe at Patreon and receive valuable insider tips like these each week. And if you’re already a patron, let me take this opportunity to thank you! I couldn’t make this happen without you.

I wish you a fabulous Thanksgiving, and all the luck you can attract…

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