I’d paddled out far into the tranquil bay on that warm summer afternoon. Close enough that my parents could still see me, but far enough away that I was blissfully alone. With an inflatable device around my waist keeping me afloat, I surrendered to the salty green water. Seagulls were calling overhead, and my parents were laughing with friends in the distance. The bay and I merged into one. Everything else disappeared. I was enveloped in bliss for who knows how long, until I was finally summoned to go home.

It was my first mystical experience. I have no record of when it happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was near the Pisces Full Moon that occurs in late summer each year.  The upcoming Pisces Full Moon (Sept. 1, 10:21 p.m. PDT) opens another mystical portal for us, bringing a blessed respite from all the craziness and uncertainty of this time. As the watery Pisces Moon opposes the earthy Virgo Sun, both luminaries make harmonious aspects to inspiring Uranus in Taurus. Clever ideas and sudden inspiration can flood our consciousness – especially while spending time in nature (Taurus, Virgo). Since the Full Moon in Pisces is connected to the watery depths, it can also bring strong emotions. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed or extra-sensitive, you may need some time alone to go deep and steady yourself.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is a deeply spiritual energy that’s one with all that is. You know this feeling deep in your bones. Most of us can recall childhood experiences of quiet, contented emptiness. Whether reading a novel, stroking a pet or sitting and watching the clouds drift by, these were a form of spiritual devotion for us.  As children, it was so much easier just to be. As adults, however, we’ve been steeped in the Western work ethic that commands us to be efficient and productive – and that has left us exhausted and detached from our true selves as well as nature. We desperately need relaxation and rest, especially in the time of coronavirus.

The Pisces Full Moon offers you the respite you need, so you can tune in to the magical side of life. This is not a time to focus overmuch on productivity or getting big results. Nor is it a time to engage in battles – especially since warrior Mars is stubbornly stationary as it prepares to turn retrograde on Sept. 9 (thru Nov. 13). This could be a frustrating and agitating time. During its tour through Aries (July thru Dec.), Mars squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Trying to head-butt the powers that be or bypass reality won’t work very well. But calculated, patient efforts can pay off.

Mars in Aries has already brought California the worst fire season on record (so thankful that those of us in the southern part of the state have been spared – so far). Let’s pray that the Pisces Full Moon brings life-giving rain to help dampen the flames. We’ve all been putting out fires in some shape or form. At this Full Moon, give yourself a time-out. If you don’t feel like communicating, turn off your phone. If watching the news is bringing you down, turn it off too. If you feel like lounging in the bathtub for hours or chilling in a nearby lake or bay, this Full Moon is the perfect time. Unplug from stressors and dip into the silence, the emptiness, the timelessness that will reconnect you to your Source and revive your spirit.

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