Libra Full Moon: Think Pink

Indigenous Americans called this the Full Pink Moon because it coincided with the blossoming of wild pink phlox. Though it will not literally appear pink in the sky, this is still a special Moon. Take a few minutes to slow down and stand under Luna’s radiance. Reflect on what’s transpired lately and bless it all. Salute all your relations – from family, friends and special animals to pushy telemarketers and clueless politicians. The Libra Full Moon reminds us that beneath the surface, we are all one.

Aries New Moon: The Fighting Spirit

Think about the last few weeks (Venus turned retrograde in early March; it goes direct mid-April). Has your frustration with someone or something gotten so extreme that you’ve been having dark – even devious – thoughts? Have you lashed out in anger, or been the recipient of heated words? If so, it’s the handiwork of Venus in Aries – who’s not that comfortable in Mars’ impulsive sign, and can sometimes react blindly when feeling restrained.

Virgo Full Moon: Healing Our Waters

It’s time to clean up our inner and outer pollution. In the Northern Hemisphere, spring is almost here – do a thorough cleanse of your body and home. Allow yourself to weep, rage and release emotions that have been stuck within you, perhaps for years. Refuse that straw with your drink, use your own bags at the store, kick the bottled water habit, and don’t buy toxic cleaners or face scrubs with plastic micro-beads in them. Make your voice heard: Tell your representatives how you feel about water pollution. Together, we can make a difference!

Pisces Solar Eclipse: Hold Onto Your Horses!

But eventually you reach a do-or-die point in this process – and that point is now. The mother of all Pisces eclipses sweeps in on Sunday to end the series with a bang. The Pisces New Moon eclipse (Feb. 26, 6:58 a.m. PST) is conjunct Neptune (Pisces’ ruling planet), with the South Node and Mercury nearby in Pisces. A major ending is upon us, to clear the way for a new beginning. Look to the house where the eclipse falls in your chart for clues to what this might mean for you. In what area of your life has it become undeniable that there’s no turning back? What is that final leap of faith you need to take to set things right for yourself, others – or the world at large?

Leo Full Moon: There’s Always Hope

At Friday’s Full Moon eclipse in Leo (Feb. 10, 4:33 p.m. PST), we’re all encouraged to dress up a little and let our true selves shine. The Full Moon syncs up magically with stable Saturn, optimistic Jupiter and innovative Uranus, sparking unexpected solutions to problems. The Sun in Aquarius eclipsing the Moon in Leo reminds us that we’re all in this together. Progressive change and caring about the rights of others trump egocentric concerns. It’s possible now to see the light on the horizon.

Aquarius New Moon: Cock-a-doodle-do!

Let the crowing begin! We’re about to enter the Year of the Fire Rooster, with its flashy strutting and red plumage (eerily reminiscent of our new Commander-in-Chief). Cocky and finicky, the Rooster rules the roost. His job is to tend the flock, but he can become overly aggressive and end up attacking those he’s supposed to protect. Yet his fiery nature, if channeled properly, can also warm hearts and bring people together.

Cancer Full Moon: Fall on Your Butt, Not Your Face

Wise advice at any time, but especially for Thursday’s Cancer Full Moon (Jan. 12, 3:34 a.m. PST). This Full Moon forges a dynamic cardinal grand cross with take-no-prisoners Pluto, I’ll-do-it-my-way Uranus, and let’s-learn-from-this Jupiter – all catalyzing the sensitive Cancer Moon and stoic Capricorn Sun. There is the potential for life-changing awakenings and developments, but also for impulsive, upsetting acts.Rather than succumbing to fear, stay as patient and calm as possible regardless of what others may say or do. Try to harness the power of this fertile action period, which falls on the heels of mover-and-shaker Mercury’s direct turn, to achieve your goals.