Capricorn New Moon: Resolution Redux

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Or have you given up on the notion, since they rarely come true? Inspired by Martha Beck’s recent column in O Magazine on why New Year’s resolutions so often fail, I’ve decided to review and reevaluate my 2016 list to help me decide what’s next. The timing seemed appropriate, with Mercury in retrograde conjunct a perspicacious Capricorn New Moon a few days before New Year’s (Dec. 28, 10:53 p.m. PST). So, as Beck did with her list from last year, I examined whether my resolutions were truly aligned with what I want, how I might reframe some of them for 2017 and what insights could be gleaned from what went wrong.

Gemini Full Moon: A Blast From the Past

A meteor shower at the Full Moon is significant metaphorically and energetically – and even more so when you factor in Mercury’s powerful stationary stance as it prepares to turn retrograde on the 18th-19th. The Gemini Full Moon, which has been building all week, coincides with illuminating messages arriving or ideas bursting out of left field to change our thinking. With Gemini’s ruler Mercury turning backward, these messages have a connection to the past.

Sagittarius New Moon: Taking the High Road

The coming Sagittarius New Moon (Nov. 29, 4:18 am PST) conjuncts Juno, an asteroid that symbolizes our most fundamental feelings about those we love. Juno’s fights with her husband Jupiter were legendary, and yet they adored each other. Now that Juno is in Jupiter’s sign, joining the Sun and Moon, we’re asked to see beyond differing opinions and reach for the love that’s underneath. That might mean changing your attitude or approach. Let the alchemical fire of Sagittarius transmute your old beliefs. Don’t wait till that person is gone, and it’s too late.

Libra New Moon: A Toast to Love

We all have the opportunity to create some luck now that Jupiter is in Libra for a year. This transit can bring new relationships and enhance harmony and balance in existing ones (especially if it aspects your Venus or relationship points). At the Sept. 22 Equinox, the Sun also entered Libra, where it united with Jupiter on the 26th. This once-every-twelve-year party continues through the Libra New Moon (Friday, Sept. 30, 5:11 p.m. PDT), with Jupiter playing the jovial host. Now it’s time to focus on balancing our desire for independence with our need for connection, and to examine our beliefs about relationships and whether they are serving us.

Pisces Full Moon: Feed Your Demons

And we’re about to experience the Mother of all Pisces Moons – a Pisces Full Moon eclipse (Friday Sept. 16, 12:05 p.m. PDT). This eclipse makes quite a splash because it squares action-hero Mars and wounded healer Chiron. Old wounds will be triggered for healing – especially regarding male domination of women. When the Moon (feminine) is eclipsed by the Sun (masculine), honoring your feelings and facing the truth become essential.

Virgo New Moon: God is in the Details

Now it’s time to get back to what’s real. To help with the process, messenger Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo on Aug. 30, shortly before the New Moon. It joins giant Jupiter at the final degrees of Virgo, amplifying the call to complete what’s been happening with work, health and thought patterns during the last year, while Jupiter has been shining a flashlight on those issues. Starting on Sept. 9 when it enters Libra, Jupiter will do the same for issues related to relationships, fairness and justice. Mercury stays in Virgo until early Oct. due to its retrograde, giving us plenty of time to sift through options before making any firm decisions. Try not to make any long-term commitments till after mid-Sept., as things are changing rapidly and the dust hasn’t settled yet.

Leo New Moon: Creative Solutions

The Leo New Moon is here (Tues. Aug. 2, 1:45 p.m. PDT), and it’s time for a fresh start. Quantum physics tells us that no situation exists independently of the person viewing it. Our attitudes and beliefs shape the reality we see. If you expect to see good things, you get good things – though it may take time for them to manifest, and you might have to keep trying different tactics. Steady Saturn trines this New Moon, reminding us that focusing steadily on a desired outcome will ultimately pay off.