Scorpio Full Moon: The Call of Nature

On this Beltane (May 1) the call from nature is particularly strong, as we approach an intense Scorpio Full Moon (May 3, 8:42 p.m. PDT). The sexy, emotionally volatile Scorpio Moon opposing the sensual Sun in Taurus can make for a wild weekend – especially as Jupiter squares both Sun and Moon, magnifying things to the max. Mercury opposing Saturn at the Full Moon will either restrain us from the worst excesses – or generate such frustration that we have a melt-down or do something rash.

Libra Full Moon Eclipse: Are You a Lone Wolf?

Loneliness stems from not sharing your deepest self with others. Yet being a lone wolf doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lonely. Doing your own thing can be fun and nourishing. This is the province of independent Aries. Right now we have Sun, Mercury, Uranus and the South Node in this “me-first” sign. At the upcoming Full Moon (April 4, 5:06 am PDT) the fiesty Aries Sun eclipses the sociable Libra Moon. Since this eclipse catalyzes the turbulent – and recently exact – Uranus-Pluto square, it can bring relationship tensions to a head. A little me-time is great, but this full moon cautions you not to isolate yourself overmuch or dismiss others’ needs. A little kindness goes a long way.

Pisces New Moon: Jewel in the Heart

Next Friday’s solar eclipse in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, falls right on the heels of tomorrow’s final Uranus-Pluto square– and within hours of the energy-recalibrating Equinox. A lot of old karma is coming to a head, to be released and transformed. The paradigm-shifting Uranus-Pluto square, which has been stirring up change – and trouble – since June of 2012, may now be officially complete, but its reverberations will be felt for years as we re-envision and rework those aspects of our lives and the world which are crying out for change.

Aquarius New Moon: Wood Sheeps and Helpful Peeps!

The Chinese New Year is an important time to ritually cleanse your home. Since Sheep corresponds to the water sign Cancer, which prizes home and family, we want to clear away old, stagnant energies and usher in the new. The Wood Sheep brings peace and plenty, comfort and healing to those who are willing to simplify, slow down, eliminate unnecessary expenses, spend more time at home and come from your heart. Clear useless clutter from your home, car, purse—especially your desktop and inbox—to make way for more well-being and abundance.

Leo Full Moon: Your Divine Spark

Next Tuesday’s Leo Full Moon (Feb. 3, 3:08 pm PST) spotlights the individual (Leo) in relation to the group (Aquarius). Where do you stand on this continuum? Are you shining your light and giving your true gifts? Or are you projecting a false self out of insecurity or trying to fit in? We are all sparks of the Divine, with something unique to express. As we approach this Full Moon, do something creative or even eccentric. Express your true self—and have some fun in the process!

Aquarius New Moon: Called Back to Community

Next week’s Aquarius New Moon (Jan. 20, 5:14 a.m. PST) falling a day before Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius, calls us back to community. We’ve come a long way in knowing who we are and what we believe. Now it’s time to reconnect with old friends or groups who know us well – even if we diverge in certain ways. Because of its retrograde, Mercury spends a long time in the sign of fellowship and fraternity – from Jan. 4 through March 12. This gives us plenty of time to do the Aquarian thing and revisit those connections that once held meaning for us.

Cancer Full Moon: Compassionate Rabble-Rousing

Are you ready to break with tradition and fight for what you believe in? This Full Moon, falling so close to the New Year, may be the kick in the pants you need. Uranus and Pluto will be duking it out with the Moon in sensitive Cancer and the Sun in conservative Capricorn all weekend. Rather taking a hit (or giving one), consider how these hell-raising energies might be channeled in a positive way. Take your cue from Cancer rising rabble-rouser Pope Francis at this Cancer Full Moon, and remember to come from love in whatever you say and do.

Capricorn New Moon: Hope With Legs

Auspiciously, the worldly and the otherworldly merge at the upcoming Capricorn New Moon (Sun. Dec. 21 at 5:36 pm PST). The Sun and Moon join in the sign ruled by practical Saturn, as magical Neptune makes a supportive sextile to them. Even more importantly, the New Moon coincides with the Solstice – a potent turning point as the old season makes way for the new (here in the Northern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice lights a spark in the dead of winter – foretelling brighter days to come).

Sagittarius New Moon: Taking the Long View

Can you imagine being so happy with your job that you wouldn’t want to retire – even at 95? To round out my trilogy of extraordinary women who embody the current planetary theme of female power, I give you spunky Elinor Otto, the last working “Rosie the Riveter,” who answered the call for women factory workers during World War II – and has continued to build airplanes at Boeing ever since.