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Is it possible to transcend difficult transits? In his article in the April/May 2019 issue of The Mountain Astrologer, “A Mystic Looks at Astrology,” Ray Grasse posed that question to occultist Shelly Trimmer. Trimmer replied with an anecdote about his teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda, renowned yogi and founder of Self Realization Fellowship. It seems that Yogananda’s secretary was a noted astrologer, but the guru thought she was enslaved by the practice. So one day he asked her to choose the worst possible time for an undertaking, so he could demonstrate that he was able to do it anyway.

“He wanted to bring a church made out of redwood down to Hollywood,” explained Trimmer. “This was a big project, so he put out fliers to everybody and the money came in.” But on the appointed day of the move, the trailer broke loose and crashed into a farmer’s yard, resulting in damage to the crops and legal problems. So Yogananda needed to raise more money. “He had hoped to get the church into place by Easter,” said Trimmer – “and he did so, but by the skin of his teeth.” By then, the adverse aspects had passed. Yogananda concluded that, “You can transcend your horoscope. But not without difficulty!”

I don’t know when this incident took place, or what adverse aspects were involved. But I do know that Yogananda, whose birthday was this week (Jan. 5, 1893, 8:38 p.m., Gorakhpur, India) was always up for a challenge. With his Capricorn Sun square Saturn in Libra and Jupiter in Aries (a powerful cardinal T-square), Yogananda was among the first to bring eastern teachings like yoga and meditation to the west. The yogi’s Capricorn Sun and Virgo Ascendant helped him make detailed plans and manifest things on Earth. And his Grand Fire Trine between Moon in Leo, Mercury/ Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries gave him the faith, fortitude and flexibility to make seemingly impossible dreams come to pass.

Early next week, we have a Capricorn New Moon closely conjunct Pluto (Jan. 12, 9 p.m. PST). On that day, Mercury will square the nearly direct Uranus, and anything can happen. In fact, it already has! The recent insanity on Capitol Hill happened just after Mercury’s conjunction with Pluto on Jan. 4, quickly followed on the 6th by warlord Mars at the final, desperate degree of Aries before transitioning to Taurus, its sign of detriment. That was a day that will live in infamy.  It may seem like the Underworld has released its demons, but their proliferation is in large part due to our inattention to preserving our own democracy. But look what happens when we actively participate in governing ourselves and make the effort to vote – on the very same day in Georgia, Democrats emerged victorious in two hotly contested Senate races!

As much as we all long to march forward at this first New Moon of the New Year, we still have to endure some bumpy roads (and the equivalent of damaged crops and legal issues) along the way. This is especially true if you have planets around 23 Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries.  But you are equal to the challenge! If you feel like things are out of control, anchor yourself in your own authority and power. Try to not get overwhelmed by doing too much or fighting against what you can’t control. Temper your anger and frustration with as much kindness as possible, and work toward long-term change and equality.

Mercury in Aquarius joins Jupiter and Saturn just before the New Moon, and they all sextile Chiron, bringing the promise of hope and healing. This reignites the blessings of the Dec. 21 Solstice Star, which continue to unfold. Mars does square Saturn on the 13th in a tense showdown between brute thuggery and the principles of democracy. And things continue to be unusually crazy through Inauguration Day, when Mars joins stationary direct Uranus in a final blow-out that is sure to be another one for the history books. But as Yogananda reminds us, with faith and fortitude we can transcend these challenges (whether in the horoscope or out in the world), though perhaps not without difficulty!

3 thoughts on “Capricorn New Moon: Rise to the Challenge

  • January 7, 2021 at 9:00 pm

    Hi Simone, thank you for highlighting Paramahansa Yogananda, my spiritual teachers for many years. Great to hear the story…and to be encouraged we can overcome!
    I loved the pin Nancy Pelosi wears that she revealed, “One nation, one destiny.”
    We all need to come together and it seems the stars are show us we have a ways to go…and our destiny is to overcome! Love your new book…I share it with lots of friends!

    • January 8, 2021 at 12:29 am

      Yes Yogananda was a great character – my dad once sold him a jeep! They took a walk on the beach together to discuss it. My dad was not very spiritual so he was unimpressed, and had no answer when I asked him what the ‘swami’ (as he was known) was like. Oh well!

      • January 8, 2021 at 5:38 pm

        Oh my, your father was more than blessed to be with Yogananda! Many didn’t recognize his divinity then…millions follow his teachings today because they are infused with joy, peace and the way to finding and feeling God within our very being.


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