Between the dawn of civilization and 2003, approximately 5 exabytes of information were created. Now that much info gets churned out every two days – much of it devoted to glamorous couples like Brad and Angie, Kanye and Kim.

Have you ever wondered why these particular couples generate so much hype? It’s because they catalyze the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of communication. Brad Pitt has Sun and Ascendant in provocative Sag, while Angelina Jolie’s inquisitive Sun-Mercury in Gemini falls in his 7th house of marriage. Likewise, Kanye West’s Sun-Jupiter in Gemini falls in Kim Kardashian’s 7th house (she has Sagittarius rising).

Maybe you wouldn’t be caught dead clucking over their medical choices, nearly-naked gowns and late-night calls to ex-lovers, or gasping at their expenditures and speculating on how long their turbulent marriages will last – but you’d be in the minority. No matter what we may think of these couples, they’re part of the public landscape: we can’t help seeing their images everywhere we turn.

Next Tuesday’s Full Moon (June 2, 9:19 am PDT) pits the Sun in heady Gemini against the Moon in footloose Sagittarius – as both square glamorous Neptune. Particularly if you have either of these signs prominent in your chart, get set for a wobbly but revelatory Full Moon. It’s a good time for journaling and art-making, rest and reflection, merging and converging. Mercury in retrograde (through June 11) can help us cut through the hype by remembering who we are and what’s most important, even as it tends to scramble lines of communication.

Don’t be surprised if one of our power couples makes big headlines around the Full Moon. Brad and Angie are reportedly experiencing marital difficulties. They’re also making their first movie together since 2005, set to premier in November.  Jolie says that By the Sea, which she also directs, is about “the tenacity of love” despite challenging circumstances. Art imitating life, no doubt: Gemini and Sag aren’t the most stable signs – without Brad’s four planets in grounding Capricorn, they might not have made it this far.

As the month progresses, deeper self-knowledge is on the program for all of us. The curtain goes up at this Full Moon – let the show begin!

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