Yesterday I got a message from a client, asking if the world is really going to end in September. Apparently there have been reports of impending doom, from an asteroid hitting the earth (disproved by NASA) to the culmination of a series of Blood Moons predicted in the Bible to mark the end days. *sigh* It’s Armageddon all over again!

I’ll discuss the Sept. transits in my next blog, but  let me say for the record: The world is not going to end. Yes, there is some intense stuff coming soon – including two eclipses, Mercury turning backward and an otherworldly Jupiter-Neptune opposition. It’s a big opportunity to let Spirit haul away whatever old crap still stands between you and your higher purpose. But it’s not the end of life as we know it.

Meanwhile, this weekend’s Full Moon (Saturday, Aug. 29, 11:35 am. PDT) is about making sure your vessel (body, work, relationships or spiritual practice) is seaworthy so you can weather any upcoming storms. As the watery Pisces Moon opposes the earthy Virgo Sun, it’s time to consider: Do you have a leak-proof bucket to support your tender inner self and enable you to pour forth your gifts?  

Here’s an example: At first I panicked when my next-door-neighbors announced their upcoming four-month home renovation. How on earth would I be able to record readings and see clients, while men wielded power tools just yards away? But then I realized that Fate was prying me out of my comfy Cancerian cave and into a bigger life.

Facebook friends pointed me toward Hera Hub, a beautiful shared office space ten minutes from my house, where women can work, collaborate, hold  events, see clients, even act as  ‘gurus’ to share their special talents with each other. Affordable, flexible, and full of interesting, entrepreneurial women, Hera Hub is the perfect, supportive bucket to contain my fluid nature – and allow me to expand.

The Sun in careful Virgo joins bigger-is-better Jupiter at this Full Moon (which is also a powerful Super Moon, extra close to the Earth) – making cautious optimism the order of the day. And the Moon joins Neptune, heightening our imaginations, for better or worse (watch out for that asteroid!). Venus goes direct on Sept. 5, bringing more flow to finances and relationships – and intensifying feminine power. Are you ready to step into your greater destiny?

To help you do so, and to celebrate my new headquarters at Hera Hub, I’m offering in-person or phone Power Consultations (reg. $195) for only $170 through the end of September. Email me soon to set something up!

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