There was a lot of speculation prior to last month’s New Moon/total solar eclipse about what might happen. Earthquakes? Martial law? Impeachment? Certainly, the nasty conflagration in Charlottesville was related to the eclipse, as well as assorted gnarly doings on high that still haven’t fully played out. But for what really told the tale, especially here in the U.S., we needn’t look further than what happened in Houston – which was a reflection of the Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune (the outcome point of the New Moon eclipse). Astrological symbolism can be quite literal: Neptune and Pisces = masses of moving water. But they also symbolize compassion in its highest form.

Though the floods in the Gulf Coast and Southern Asia arrived just prior to the Full Moon (Sept. 6, 12:03 am PDT), the connection is clear. Albeit in devastating ways, Mother Nature is trying to wash us clean, awaken our compassion for all of life and spur us to change our ways.  As seen by the outpouring of compassionate aid, it seems to be working. But the aftermath of this eclipse will not be soon resolved.  At this Full Moon, for example, there are grave concerns about explosions at a disabled chemical plant – also ruled by Neptune. Luckily, both the Sun and Mars are now in industrious Virgo, lending momentum to massive clean-up campaigns – within and without. Much can be accomplished as well by harnessing this energy to get your own life and health in order.

Before you go into overwhelm at the vastness of the task, though, let this Full Moon help you tap into the mystical energy of Pisces to open and soothe your heart. Doing ritual at this time can also prompt deep insights about your own journey and purpose. Here is a ritual adapted from my book, Moon Power: Lunar Rituals for Connecting with Your Inner Goddess, to coax out your intuitive powers. It’s best done in a small group or with one other person, as you’ll be “reading” for each other. But if you want do it alone, just pose your questions to Luna and feel into her answers. It’s even more powerful if you can do this near the ocean or another body of water. Perform it Tues. night the 5th if possible to maximize the lunar power. Mercury turns direct the same day after three weeks in retrograde, where it’s been up to its usual tricks. So this Full Moon is ideal for getting ready to move forward.

  1. Go out at night and raise your arms to salute the Moon, saying, “Hail and welcome, Luna!” Draw her power into your body, smoothing it up and down as you breathe deeply. Then speak the command: “Open wide my psychic gates; bring messages to which I can relate. Bless me with the power to see; as I will, so mote it be.”
  2. Sit comfortably, outdoors or indoors, and choose a recipient. This person can pose a question if she wants to, but it’s not necessary. One by one, each participant shares whatever comes to her while gazing at the recipient in a soft, unfocused way. Go with the first image, phrase, or impression that arises. The recipient remains silent until everyone has spoken, then shares her experience. Trust your instincts; you may have no idea why you’re getting an image of a roaring lion while gazing at a gentle sister, but the image will mean something to her. She might be angry at someone, and your image could help give her the courage to stand up for herself. Go around the circle until everyone’s had a turn, or if there are only two of you, you can take turns going back and forth. If you’re by yourself, pose your questions to Luna one at a time, then watch for images or promptings. A good question might be, “How can I best be of service?” or “What’s my next step for healing?”
  3. When you’re complete, raise your arms to the Moon once again. Thank her and say, “Hail and farewell, Luna!”
  4. Discuss what you received, share food and drink, and write in your journal afterward. Pay close attention to your dreams over the next few nights; you’re quite likely to receive additional guidance.
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