Tuesday’s Sagittarius Full Moon (May 29, 7:19 a.m. PDT) opens the doorway to higher truth and uplifted spirits. All you have to do is walk through and let your consciousness expand. This invitation is enhanced by the recent, spirit-infused Jupiter-Neptune trine – exact last Friday but permeating the atmosphere until its final pass in August. Access to Spirit is more available than usual at this Full Moon, especially if you make the effort to visit the great outdoors, where the invigorating Sagittarius energies find free rein.

The Roman goddess associated with Sagittarius is Diana (called Artemis by the Greeks). The ultimate free spirit, Diana is a virgin goddess (whole unto herself) who dwells in high mountains and lives by instinct, roaming free with her canine buddies. Self-sufficient Diana embodies the fiery, independent spirit of the Sagittarius Moon. No matter what sign your Moon is in (check my Moon Finder if you don’t know it), you can gain access to Diana’s one-pointed aim and ability to hit the mark during the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Here’s an abbreviated version of the Sagittarius Full Moon ritual from my book, Moon Power: Lunar Rituals for Connecting with Your Inner Goddess. But even if all you do is go outside briefly on Monday or Tuesday night and bathe yourself in Luna’s glow, you’re sure to feel the magic – and maybe even a call to adventure!

You will need:

  • An intention for what you’d like to expand
  • A small magnet or quartz crystal
  • A place in nature (even your backyard) where you can (hopefully) see the Moon

Go outside with your magnet or crystal as Luna is rising and sit quietly for a few minutes, breathing slowly and deeply. Contemplate your intention about what you want to have more of in your life.

When you’re ready, with your magnet or crystal in hand, lift your arms to Luna and say, “Hail and welcome, Diana!” Draw down her power for a few minutes, smoothing the moon glow over your body until you start to tingle. Imagine your power object being filled with the lunar magnetic energy.

Tell Diana your intention and ask if she has any guidance for you. The message may come as words, images or simply a feeling. Move the magnet or crystal up and down your body and feel yourself absorbing the energy of what you’re invoking for – inspiration, love, healing or whatever you need.

When you feel complete, thank the Moon and say, “Hail and farewell, Diana!”

Write in your journal about what you received. Put the charged crystal or magnet under your pillow so you can absorb its power as you sleep. Pay close attention to any dreams that may come to you that night.

Happy Full Moon!

2 thoughts on “Sagittarius Full Moon: Recharge Your Spirit

  • May 27, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    Wow… I just have to write this because it seems to really resonate with me.
    I have a sagittarius rising sign and tomorrow I’m going with my horses and a girlfriend to ride in the mountains.
    Plus ok… hangon… my middle name is Diana given to me at birth.
    My moon sign is pisces and sun sign is aquarius.
    And my favorite lifetime achievement was thundering down the beach and in the ocean when I was 15 years old. I am now 59.

    • May 28, 2018 at 12:53 am

      How perfect, Carrie! You certainly do embody your rising sign. Happy Full Moon!


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